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Girls just want to have fu-un . . . and Guyday Friday


Even when said “girl” just turned 52. I’m still just a kid at heart, of course. As most of y’all know, I went through a low period recently, and I have been actively working at cheering myself up.   Enjoying an afternoon at the hair salon today helped–I love having someone else wash and dry my hair. I could have fallen asleep in the chair if I’d let myself.

To have the white roots attended to, the bangs no longer trying to put my eye out, the eyebrows spruced up–it’s all good.  And Benny got his hair did, too! 😉

After a trip to Wal-Mart largely for toiletry items, we headed out to the county fair. I saw some folks I hadn’t seen in a while, got some hugs, and even discussed a possible collaboration after the first of the year on a children’s book about adoption. We strolled the midway, Benny using his mini-videocam to shoot some footage, took in the exhibits (the art competition is always my fave) and decided to forgo the Sizzler, our Ride of Choice, as my back still isn’t quite “normal” and that ride does slam a body around quite a bit.  Of course, we also had to check out the livestock shed, and meet the cattle, chickens, geese and a lone bunny rabbit on exhibit there.  Farmer’s daughter that I am,  I love cows. I miss having them nearby.

My favorite fair ride, the Sizzler aka the Scrambler. Courtesy of www2lj.com

Nothing like a hot, tasty funnel cake for dessert at the fair. Courtesy of columbusfoodie.com

We listened to some local talents perform country tunes on their guitars while enjoying the piece de resistance of the evening: a piping hot funnel cake liberally sprinkled with powdered sugar. I do not want to know the fat content of said treat; suffice it to say I never eat more than a couple a year. After all, if you are going to attend a fair or festival, you’ve got to enjoy the food, right? It’s some unwritten law, I believe.

In spite of the fact we didn’t ride any rides or play any games, between paying the admission fee and buying supper, the funnel cake and drinks, we still blew $30.

However, $25 of that went to the event sponsors the Kiwanis, who support several worthwhile charities here in the city and county. So I won’t begrudge them that buck for a canned soft drink.

We came home, tired but in a pleasant sort of way, and I remembered that Leigh had requested I have some photos taken after getting spruced up. Well, I ended up taking them myself (the wonders of a digital SLR) and having fun playing with the images.  After several hours of heat and humidity, my hair (and the rest of me, for that matter) did not look quite as glamorous as when I walked out of the salon. Still, I thought the old girl didn’t look half-bad.  And we can’t all be jaw-droppingly gorgeous like a certain Brit actor I know.  😉

Now I know what my hair would look like if I ever decided to dye it the colors of the rainbow.

And did someone mention “Jaw-droppingly gorgeous?” Oh, yeah, it’s Guyday Friday . . . enjoy.  😉 More to come later, of course.