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The Klutz, the Spy, the Dwarf & the Tropical Freeze


Klutz, thy name is fedoralady. I got up to go flip off a light I realized I left burning and managed to trip on my own pajama leg to go sprawling very, very hard onto my knees and one hand. It was onto the vinyl flooring instead of carpet which means no padding. And I have padding EVERYWHERE–except, of course, my knees. *sigh*

those bastard walls

I’ve downed some Advil and now have a freezer pack on one knee and some sort of frozen Bacardi Breeze mixer doolallie on the other one. Hey, any port in a storm.

I am hoping to purchase Comic-Con badges today, having registered a while back. The online melee kicks off at 11 a.m. my time. Keep your fingers crossed for Ladywriter 78 and her husband, Rocketman . . .


My hand is also starting to throb, so I am going to leave you with some fanart of Lucas, who moves much more gracefully than I ever have, and move the Tropical Freeze doolallie to my hand. If all else fails, I’ll just drink it. 😉