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One fat purple toe later . . .


Yup, it appears I probably did break my little toe last night during my misadventures. It has interesting shades of blue and purple wrapped around it and it’s nice and puffy and throbbing.

Benny suggested I take a picture and post it. I reminded him I like to share pretty photos of pretty landscapes, pretty Richard and so forth. Even when it’s not smashed up, my toe is far from pretty.  Trust me on this.

Anyway, between the body slam I took into the entertainment center last night and the toe, I am a bit the worse for wear this morning. However, I was so very pleased to hear from some of you and know you are doing OK, having dodged a bullet with Sandy. Good news, indeed!

Didn’t rest much last night, what with one thing and the other, so I am going to try to catch some zzzs now before I have to get ready to head back home mid-afternoon.

In the meantime, I thought I’d leave you with something much nicer than my fat purple toe to look at  . . .