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Guyday Friday! So Not Dead (and loving it).


Still awake. Listening to the crashing waves courtesy of the sound machine. It’s the most realistic of the assorted sounds available, and it is soothing.  Almost time for hubs to get up. Might as well wait now and see him off before I try to attempt sleep. Knee still being a (literal) pain, along with the old pleurisy adhesions.

Meanwhile–it’s Guyday Friday! Whoo-hoo! I definitely need you this week, my tall dark and toothsome knight. Not that I don’t every week, every day.

Your intensity, your dogged determination, your passion, the sweet, tender side you rarely show, that vulnerability that still surfaces, that chivalric nature we see regarding your beloved–and yes, that gobsmacking beauty.  I will never get over you. But then again, I don’t have to. You ARE So Not Dead.



And I totally agree with both sentiments, Sir Guy.







I will catch up with comments later, I hope you all have a great Guyday Friday wherever you are!

Guyday Friday: If only . . .


Guy may have started off courting Marian in hopes of gaining a “trophy wife”–someone of good breeding,  high-born and well-respected in the community, the daughter of the former sheriff and the old flame of his nemesis–but along the way the henchman went and fell truly, deeply in love with Marian.

A flawed love, a possessive one, yes–but nonetheless real. A love that found him putting his own neck on the chopping block, so to speak, more than once in an attempt to protect her. Time and time again he told himself he was over Marian, time and time again she lied to him and manipulated him–and time and time again he came to her aid.

Even she could see the possibilities for being that better man inside Guy.
If only Marian had been able to see past her childhood affections for Robin, her misguided loyalty to not-so-good King Richard; if only Guy could have been able to break away from the poisonous influence of Vasey–ah, if only. Guess I am just a hopeful romantic.

Feeling Hot-Blooded? Gizzy is.


A blast from my past (Foreigner) and more of my favorite Medieval Menace, the Sultan of Smirks, Smoulders and Swagger, yes, Sir Guy of Gisborne.  Yet another vid only seen previously on Vimeo, now at YT. Warning: the temperature will likely rise as you watch this . . .

Last stop for Guyday Friday: Marian & Guy, you naughty bunnies!


Yes, indeed. If I’d had my way, it would have been a somewhat less “family friendly” show and Marian would have chucked aside her puppy love for  that spoiled brat Blobbin aka Justin Beiber with the Scruffy Facial Hair and moved on to Nottingham’s Finest . . . 😉