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Necking with Sgt. Porter


I find myself thinking of Richard’s throat. Long, slender, elegant, with that rather irresistible Adam’s-apple (for me, anyway) and that tempting hollow at its base.  I just don’t care for the looks of a short, thick, squatty neck on a man ( apologies to all short-necked gentlemen, I realize it is not your fault, just the roll of genetic dice).  

And with his various outfits for the role, we get some wonderful glimpses of Richard’s splendid, swan-like throat in his role as Sgt. John Porter. That fantasy/dream sequence with Danni? *thud*

Of course, there is a great deal more in terms of both physicality and character to appreciate about Portah–but our space and time are limited,dear readers.

Noshable Armitage: TAE Word of the Day


I have actually used today’s word in reference to Mr. Armitage more than once.

Nosh: (verb) to snack or eat between meals; to snack on. (noun)  a snack.

Nosh stems from the Yiddish word nashn which came from the German word meaning “to nibble.” It entered English in the 1950s.

Naturally, this being Guyday Friday, I would choose artwork featuring our favorite hot henchman  to illustrate. I often find I want to nosh on that tempting long swan-like neck of Guy’s. I also think that laryngeal prominence I admire so much would make a great nosh. After all, it is called an Adam’s-apple, isn’t it?  😉

It’s Guyday Friday! Guyart Galore!


Guyday Friday–perhaps the most anticipated day of the week here at The Armitage Effect.  Sir Guy does something to us, doesn’t he, with those kohl-rimmed eyes, sometimes blazing blue, sometimes darkened with fury or with desire; other times, a forbidding wintry grey, or soft and luminous with tenderness,  or wide and pleading.


Those tempting lips with their delicate Cupid’s-bow, all the sexy, knowing smirks and the all-too-rare genuine smles that make him look like our dark angel.  The stubble defining the masculine jaw and elegant planes of his face, a face with a noble profile–the profile of a king.

The raven hair with its touch of red that begs to have an admirer run her fingers through it.  That long, white column of throat that tempts so many, the breadth of those shoulders. the sculpted arms, those amazing chesticles, strong horseman’s thighs, the way he slinks down a castle corridor or sits in a saddle—it’s all so very, very good, isn’t it? Little wonder we are besotted. I was up for 24 hours straight (not that I planned it that way) and thus a marathon of Photoshopping with RA. Lots of Guy and more to come on this Guyday Friday.











The total package of talent, brains, beauty and character coming soon to a theater near you


I remember in the earlier days of my Richarding, I found myself trying to find something about Richard Armitage that I didn’t really like. Some physical trait, some personality quirk, some character deficit to help me “get over” this mad crush I had on him.

Didn’t happen (obviously, because here I am writing this blog called The Armitage Effect).

I think he’s absolutely beautiful to look at, and I have seen nearly everything there is to see. Never before was I fascinated by a man’s Adam’s apple. Or so taken with his feet. His FEET, for goodness’ sake. Those eyes–the brows, long, thick lashes, so expressive, so changeable. Hypnotizing. Those lips. A perfect Cupid’s bow of temptation. A real manly man’s nose–aquiline and imposing.

You know those heroes in the romance novels–tall, dark and unbelievably handsome with a voice that could make you melt and a gaze that smoulders? Here’s the living, breathing incarnation of the Romantic Hero. No wonder RA inspires so many of us to write stories with him as our muse.

Yep, that's one hunky guy (even more so as the years pass). But there are brains and talent and wit to go with all that male beauty.

However, he is so much more than just a pretty face and smokin’ bod. Because if good looks were all he had, if he opened his mouth and had nothing interesting to say, if he was humourless, an airhead, arrogant, a snob, a braggart, a narcissist, a compulsive womanizer–I would have moved on quite a while ago. I don’t like dumb, I don’t like shallow, I don’t like pretentious.

I love those genuine grins that you can also see in his lovely eyes. Just looks like the sort of fellow you'd like to have as a friend.

But he is none of those things. He’s intelligent and witty and articulate, yet still endearingly modest and down to earth. RA is a gentleman, polite and well-mannered and respectful and just a bit shy. In many ways, he seems to be like the classic “boy next door” who happens to be incredibly good-looking and sexy.

He has many wonderful character traits that remind me of my own true love and my very best friend, my husband. And the talent. Oooooh, the talent. I noticed Richard’s very attractive looks when I first saw him as Guy in Robin Hood BBC (kind of hard to miss) but I stuck with the series for RA’s  ACTING.

The black leather and eyeliner were just the icing on the cake. He made me believe in the reality of Guy, to empathize with his conflicts and struggles and cheer him on as my anti-hero. And the bonus was just how sexy and gorgeous he was throughout all the angst and brooding and anger and yearning.

Richard is my favorite detailed character actor who inhabits a stunning leading man’s face and body.

Sir Guy won my heart and broke my heart, thanks to Richard's superb acting skills.

He’s worked hard for years to establish himself as an actor, facing rejection, disappointment; tempted to, but never giving in to letting go  of his dream. North & South brought him a cadre of devoted fans; I feel certain that the iconic role of Thorin, a key role in both of The Hobbit films will make him an internationally known and respected actor.  We will discover just how many others out there share in the GTG (Good Taste Gene).

And we’ll be sitting there with butter-wouldn’t-melt-in-your-mouth expressions on our faces. Looking like the cat that swallowed the cream.  Because we already knew just how totally fab Richard Crispin Armitage is. We don’t wish to say we told you so . . . but we did.

Sometimes I just want to wax rhapsodic . . .


A tall, well-built man, beautifully knit together; broad, strong chest, big elegant hands, a swan-like neck with the most delectable Adam’s apple, and a dancer’s long, lean and muscular thighs. A figure of grace and beauty both at rest and in motion, incredibly expressive.

And the face.
A visage with a noble profile, such as might have graced an effigy of a long-dead king. One can easily believe noble blood may very well flow in those veins.  

A proud aquiline nose and equally masculine jawline.  Lips, not full, and yet retaining an incredible sensuality.

The delicate Cupid’s bow of the upper lip invites one to trace its outline with a fingertip–or the tip of a tongue, perhaps?  A mouth that gains a new softness, an aching vulnerability when he sleeps.

The eyes. Unforgettable. 

A lovely blue that is amazingly changeable, sometimes as cerulean as a clear summer sky, sometimes as stormy as  a bank of thunderclouds; crystalline green eyes, eyes the color of  golden topaz and desert sand.

Beautiful eyes fringed in thick, long lashes and framed by bold, well-shaped masculine brows that have never undergone a waxing–thank goodness.  Eyes surrounded by endearing laugh lines. The eyes of a man who has a zest for life. Eyes that express the gamut of emotions: anger, rage, worry, tenderness, desire, fear, self-loathing, weariness, sorrow, delight.

And those smiles. Dazzling. And it’s not just the pearly whites that make those grins so amazing. It’s their genuine quality and the way the smile is reflected in those eyes. A smile that starts on the inside and works its way out.

The hair, thick and fine-textured, incredibly soft-looking, with a tendency to wave and curl with length. That endearing  cowlick.  Whether sporting a floppy fringe, curls at the nape, Guy’s extensions or his current short hair, one wants to reach out and touch., brushing back an errant lock or brushing fingertips across the top of that crop.

There’s also the allure of the stubble, the beauty of the beard and the appeal of the clean-shaven jaw; the charm of those elfin ears. Those crinkles. The expressive raise of a brow, flicker of an eyelid, curve of the mouth.  What a marvelously mobile and watchable face you have.

So NOT a cookie-cutter bland sort of handsomeness. As for the incredible talent, the delightful sense of humor, sweet modesty, keen intelligence, well–you are quite the package, aren’t you?  I would say you, Mr. Artimage, and your wonderful array of ChaRActers are just what I was waiting for . . .

Ever-Expressive Guy . . . Those things he does


The appearance of the Tongue of Concentration . . .

Glimpsing a portion of that long, beautiful neck, observing the strength of the stubbled jaw . . .

After a backwards tilt of his head, he slowly raises it. Adam's apple moving with emotion, lips parting.

What is it about that open mouth that does something to me every time?

Guy of Gisborne as envisioned by Richard Armitage is not just a tall, dark hunk of smouldering sexiness. He’s a really expressive tall, dark hunk of smouldering sexiness. Sniffs, smirks, snarls, looks of disdain, disgust, dismay, desire . . . so many expressions, so many gestures and mannerisms that make me go, “ahhhhhhhhhhh.”  (screencaps RANet and Richard Armitage Central)

Did you think I’d forgotten Guy? . . . perish the thought.


The Adam's-apple of Desire. The Floppy Black Pirate Shirt. The hand. Simply--wonderful.

Sir Guy and those distinctive gloves with their wolf’s-head clasps. The accessory that brought us “glove love.”
Oh, Glamour Guy. Be still my thudding heart.
I swear, this screencap looks like a fine oil painting of a very fine subject. I love the way his face is lit and the warmth of the hues.