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Be Dionysian with the TDHBEW–TAE Word for the Day Pt. 2


Richard. Chocolate. Dionysian Possibilities. I'm just sayin' , , ,

Lucas, hungry, darling?

Lucas North. Choccie-covered doughnuts. That thumb. *thud*

NIgella, the object of Richard's chocolate kisses fantasy. Very dionysian.

Dionysian: (adjective) uninhibited; undisciplined; spontaneous; wild; orgiastic.

Dionysis was, of course, the god of wine and fertility in Greek mythology (Bacchus to the Romans).

Richard once said he’d love to kiss TV chef and queen of gastroporn, the sensuous Nigella Lawson, whilst she had chocolate on her ripe lips. Nigella, it has been said, “revels in dionysian excess.” (Doug Lawson, Sydney Morning Herald).

Imagine sharing a generous dollop of rich, creamy chocolate with RA in a friendly liplock? Talk about a dionysian thrill!

Lucas North had his own dionysian moment chowing down on fresh chocolate-covered doughnuts and licking the frosting from his long, elegant fingers.

I am quite sure John Mulligan, Lee Preston and Sir Guy would all be up for a dionysian evening, ladies. It positively warms the cockles of a red-blooded female’s heart . . .

(photos RANet, squiddo.com)

Those lips . . . are tempting