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Little Guy is feeling a bit superior on Guyday Friday



Ladywriter has added to her group of ChaRActer action figures. Yes, now she has the smaller version of Little Thorin. She calls him Littler Thorin and he’s adorable. But fiercely adorable, she assures you.

Little Guy is thrilled.  Bet you can guess why . . .

Little Guy: *smirks* Well, now. No more feeling as if I need to put those silly lift thingies in my boots the way the CReAtor had to do for his Hobbity film anymore.” *sniffs* “Ridiculous that they made that first dwarf taller than–ME!

Ladywriter: Little Thorin was only a tiny bit taller than you, dear LG.

Little Guy: *shakes head* He’s supposed to be a dwarf.  Whereas I am–well, you know.

Ladywriter: I know. The Great I Am. In a portable version.

Little Guy *smirks* Damn straight! So, are you going to take me to Comic-Con?

Ladywriter: Are you boys all going to get along together?

Little Guy: Oh, I–suppose . . . *manly sniff* If I absolutely MUST.

Ladywriter: You absolutely do if you have any hopes of traveling to sunny SoCal . . .

Little Guy: *grumbling slightly* Uhmmmm. Very well. I shall be a very good boy.

Ladywriter: *thinking* Well, miracles can happen.

Little Thorin needs love, too.


I was reminded today that my Twitter avi features yours truly fondly clutching Plush Thorin as I peep over his fuzzy head.

Whilst Little Thorin has been seen more than once here in the company of a certain three-legged cat (and her sister on one occasion), he’s feeling a bit . . . left out, it seems. *sigh* Demanding some special face time of his own.

(When did he start following my Twitter account? Do all the ChaRActers and their various doppelgängers now sneak around and use my computer when I am away or asleep?)

Anyway, here’s Fedoralady with her very much-loved and appreciated Little Thorin.  TWICE!

(I am just waiting for a certain TDHSK* to lodge his complaints. Fortunately he’s away servicing entertaining his many admirers.)

*Tall Dark Hot Smouldering Knight



Oops, You-Know-Who just sent me this:

BeFunky_RH3episode11_098 (2)e

Never a dull moment with the ChaRACters and their respective mini versions!!

Catnap, anyone??


My kitties had no trouble taking a nap this afternoon. Not that they have much trouble taking naps any old time.  Right now I’ve got Callie between the laptop and my chest. Hope she’s more comfy than I am. 😉  You will notice a couple of characters decided to snooze with them . . . on the unfolded laundry on bed. Well, a little cat hair hasn’t killed me yet!







Thumper discovers joy of Thorin’s weapons



Most of you know that our tuxedo cat Thumper is missing her back right leg. Which means it is hard for her to scratch her itches on that side. Bless her heart, instinct kicks in and her little stump will go like mad as she tilts her head to scratch, but she never gets any relief until we step in and help her out. Or until she finds something to rub her head againt.

And Monday night she discovered Thorin’s Orcrist. And she rubbed and rubbed and rubbed until that sword was well and truly polished, or would have been if it were metal instead of plastic. The look of utter bliss was just hilarious, both Benny and I were cracking up. We were also watching the Alabama game, so I didn’t get any photos taken and had to “restage” things tonight and share.

Seems we humans are not the only ones completely charmed by Thorin and his blade . . .

So are the Days of our Felines’ Lives . . .



Like sands through the litter box–er, hour glass–so are the days of our kitty cats’ lives.*
It’s not all sleeping, eating and answering the call of Mother Nature for our girls.
Now there appears to be a sort of love triangle that has sprung up between Thumper Cat, Little Thorin and the newest arrival, Plush Thorin. I dearly hope it shall not come to blows—but it is feeling a tad soap opera-ish chez fedoralady.

*There is a long-running American daytime soap opera called “Days of Our Lives” that we used to watch during summer vacation and other school breaks. Each episode began with a voice-over solemnly intoning, “Like sands through the hourglass, so–are the days of our lives . . .”


Guess who’s coming to my house?


Richard Armitage!

Well, OK, not really.

Actually, it’s the Sultan of Smoulder, the Treacherous Troll, and Forest Boy. In minature. Yes, I have scored a Little Guy with Little Sherry and Little Robin via eBay UK. It was only Little Guy that I wanted of course, but they were sold as a package deal, and for a total of $15.67 with international postage, I got them all.  Many thanks to April73 for giving me the link to the item. You rock, baby!!

They are used, but considering the new and still-in-package Guy I bid on went for nearly $80 with postage *gulp* I figure I still got a bargain.   As for Blobbin and Sherry, I suspect I can come up with some–interesting uses for those two. *Rubs hands together with relish and chuckles evilly* After all, I am not getting those action figures to sit and gather dust on a shelf or with plans to re-sell them. I am going to play with them and release my inner child, naturellement.  😉

Is it just me, or does Little Guy look a bit like an unhappy Matthew McFayden here? Giggling over the fact that from the angle of the photo and position of his quiver,  it appears an arrow is sticking out of the top of Robin’s head. And is that a blob of “hair” on Vasey’s balding pate or is he a really messy eater?

There may be one problem. These figures are apparently 4-5 inches tall. And Little Thorin is 6 inches. Which means the dwarf is taller than Guy. Oh, dear . . .

Someone is not going to be happy . . .