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What a waste.


A clammy sort of coldness settled in today, with a very good chance of more rain and thunder showers tonight. I’ve had a hard time staying warm and comfortable and my FMS is flared up.

My husband’s uncle, the one he has been helping look after, had to be transported to a larger hospital in Montgomery today. It appears a stent that was put in earlier may have become infected. Thankfully his only son has come down from Ohio so everything is not longer on Benny’s shoulders.  They are broad and sturdy shoulders, but they get tired, too.

Earlier I received news that a cousin had passed away this week. Ironically, we had just been discussing Cousin the weekend before Christmas during our holiday family time together.

In his youth, Cousin was one of most handsome men I’ve ever seen. Movie star handsome. Shining blonde hair with a smile that could have been used to sell toothpaste. Think young Robert Redford. Gorgeous, smart, charming, artistically gifted just like our grandmother. So much going for him.

Then came the drugs. And the descent.

Several years ago I saw him for the first time in years. Hollow-eyed, sunken-cheeked, gaunt. Long, untidy silver-white hair and a scruffy beard. Those once-beautiful eyes were unfocused, his speech, largely a near-incoherent mumble, something a little “off” about that once dazzling smile. Where had the promising young man with the stellar good looks gone?  He looked like a street person.

Cousin was considerably older than I am and we were not close. But I cannot help but cry a little tonight as I think of that wasted life.

And I am thankful that another clever, beautiful, talented man has not chosen to waste his life in the same way.

That thought somehow gives me hope.