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Momentous Thorin & Co. Moments: A Middle-Earth Timeline


(Thanks to The Hobbit Tribute Magazine by Topix Media and writer Jan Sterling.)

In the Second Age of Middle-Earth~~

2770: Smaug the dragon descends on Erebor (the Lonely Mountain) and lays waste to the nearby town of Dale. The Dwarven King Thor escapes with Thrain II and Thorin II.

Young Thorin, a displaced prince after the attack by Smaug.

2850: Gandalf finds Thrain and receives the key and map of Erebor.

2941:  March 25~~ Gandalf and Thorin have a chance meeting at the Prancing Pony in Bree.

April 26~~ The Unexpected Party at Bilbo’s.

July 16~~The Company is captured by Goblins dwelling deep within the Misty Mountains.

July 17~~Bilbo is lost inside the Misty Mountain tunnels and stumbles upon the Ring.

July 19~~Bilbo encounters Gollum and narrowly escapes with his life (and the Ring) after besting the creature in a battle of wits.

A group of vicious Wargs traps the Company in the tops of some trees, but the adventurers are all saved by Giant Eagles (and this is likely where the first of the three movie ends).

Thorin high atop the trees in an effort to escape the nasty Wargs.

So, if Thorin is 200 years old at the time the film is set, would that make him in his late 30s when the attack by Smaug took place?

“In breathtaking style”: More from the Hobbit Tribute Mag


More quotes from The Hobbit Tribute: The OneRing net’s Collector’s Edition. And one of my favorite variations on a certain handsome young dwarf (to be seen in flashbacks in the trilogy–

“As a young dwarf, Thorin Oakenshield saw the dragon Smaug invade his home in the Lonely Mountain and slaughter most of his kinsman. Ever since, the exiled dwarf king has furiously pursued his revenge against the terrible wyrm.

“Veteran British actor Richard Armitage relishes the opportunity to play such a conflicted, emotionally complex character, and if anyone can accurately portray Thorin’s flaws on screen while still remaining sympathetic, it’s the talented Shakespearean actor and self-professed Tolkien fan.

A screenshot courtesy of RANet of Martin and Richard doing a short interview with News 3 New Zealand. Yes, RA is talking with those fab hands once again.

“In addition to his enthusiasm for tackling Thorin’s psychological state, Armitage’s work on the BBC’s Robin Hood makes him well-suited to the physical challenges of playing the fearsome dwarven warrior, and it’s clear from the advanced footage of the film that his bellowing baritone will also be put to use singing a dwarven dirge or two. Thorin earned the name “Oakenshield” by defending himself with a tree in a battle, and while Armitage won’t be lifting any logs, expect to see him slaying orcs, wargs and giant spiders in breathtaking style.”

Personally, I expect no less. I’ve seen Jas’s GIFs of him twirling like a lethal top, the most graceful dwarf warrior around, I will wager.  And in a few hours, folks will get to see it all on screen in Wellington . . . wow.

Mr. February is here. Yummm.


My calendar arrived today!!

Thumper the three-legged tuxedo cat seems to enjoy looking at Thorin on the front of the calendar. She has the Good Taste Gene.

It’s printed on a good-quality heavyweight stock with the edges of the pages given an attractive distressed look, as one might find on an old manuscript.

The inside cover of the calendar is a map of the Lonely Mountain and its surroundings and the first page features September-December 2012–so you really can use it to count down to the premiere. Bilbo is Mr. January, and this handsome bloke is Mr. February . . . what with Valentine’s Day, Mr. Dreamboat is certainly a perfect choice.

Pin-up Boy for February. I think he’s got the key to my heart.

The rest of the calendar art is devoted to Fili and Kili (March); a gorgeous portrait of Galadriel (April);  Ori, Dori and Nori (May); Bombur and Bofur (June); Elrond (July); Balin and Dwalin (August); Gandalf (September); a charming portrait of Radagast (October); Bifur, Oin and Gloin (November) and Legolas (December).  Some of the art we’ve seen before and some is new (to me, anyway).


Here’s a shot of the back cover with miniatures of all the interior art. There’s also an offer for a free calendar widget and downloadable wallpaper (that’s it on the upper right).

So–is it December yet?? Hmmm, let me check my calendar . . . tomorrow, my action figure should arrive. 😀