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Is PJ a Pippi Fan?


I was looking through photos of the The Hobbit cast in their costumes tonight and happened across this photo of Bofur.

James Nesbitt as Bofur, one of Thorin’s company of dwarves. Courtesy of TORn

And it suddenly struck me who he reminded me of.

Pippi Longstocking, one of my favorite children’s book characters as a child. Courtesy of cobblehilblog.com

And then there is also the face that represents Wendy’s Hamburger chains here in the US.

The image of Wendy, based on chain founder Dave Thomas’s daughter in her childhood days.

This makes me wonder if PJ or someone in his costume design department is a fan of  Swedish author Astrid Lindgren‘s classic children’s series. Or a fan of Wendy’s Hamburgers.  Personally, I like them both.

Regardless of the inspiration for Bofur’s distinctive hairstyle, here are a few facts about the dwarf, culled from The Hobbit Annual 2012:

Bofur is full of energy and life, and loves good food, fun and music. This means he tends to have more in common with the hobbits than the dwarves. He’s an optimistic soul who often engages his tongue before he engages his brain. Gosh, he reminds of our late, great neighbor Minerva Leverette!

Bofur is “not as brave as some of the other dwarves,” but he will do his best to defend his friends if they are in danger. He seems to be the sort who would end up with a lampshade on his head at the party and “always willing to cheer up his fellow travelers with a song.” He is also the brother of Bombur (the plus-size dwarf) and cousin of Bifur (the dwarf with the remains of an Orc ax stuck in his head).

Pretty soon, I am going to be able to remember who is who!

OT: Do you have a doppelganger?


Have you ever experienced the shock of seeing yourself in a photo or a video, and you know it can’t possibly be you. And yet, it IS you. Your face, your smile, your hair, your complexion, your mannerisms–you.

It’s a peculiar feeling.

doppelganger: a ghostly double or counterpart of a living person

In 1983, Lionel Richie made a video entitled All Night LongI was teaching at the state school for the blind in Talladega at the time. One weekend, I stayed up to watch TBS‘s Night Tracks, the closest thing to MTV to which I had access in those days. And I saw Richie’s video. Something–or should I say someone–caught my eye in the vid: a backup dancer with short blonde hair.  She looked oddly familiar.

She looked like—me.  Hell, she looked more like me than I did!

Now, I don’t have an identical twin. But I do apparently have a doppelganger of sorts.

She popped up in several moments on the video, beginning with the opening scene: a shot from behind of a girl carrying a lunch box, dressed in denim shorts and a plaid shirt, walking to the right of the screen amongst the other dancers.

At 47 seconds, she reappears dancing a person or two behind Lionel, wearing an orange T-shirt, denim mini and a scarf around her neck.

At 1:08, there she is sporting jeans and a blue shirt and yet another scarf (the chick likes scarves, and–so do I). And again, same outfit, at 1:33.

A couple of very quick flashes of her and then she reappears by the steps looking up at the policeman at 2:54.

At 3:08 there she is to Richie’s left, wearing a sky blue mini and–you guessed it!–a scarf and a brown low-slung belt, pirouetting gracefully and smiling. Looks like she is having fun. You get quite a bit of my doppelganger over the next 12 seconds.

Now, I can only wish I had Doppelganger‘s dancing skills–and my legs and hips were never that slender, alas.

Still, she looks amazingly like me at that age (early 20s).  Amazingly. It’s kind of–spooky.

My husband-to-be, with whom I had split during our college days,  was out in California at the time undergoing  AF officer training.  Later, when we reunited, Benny mentioned to me seeing a certain music video that had really caught his attention. “I kept watching and scratching my head and wondering, ‘Hey, did Angie go out to California and become a–dancer??'”

Well, no, I didn’t. But there is someone out there who once looked more like me than my own flesh-and-blood relatives. I wonder what happened to Doppelganger, whether she continued in show business, if she has a famly, what she looks like now.

Little did she know she had a long-lost twin in Alabama all those years ago.