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Richard’s secret thoughts during Lorraine Interview: a parody with pretty pictures of Mr. A


The recent interview with Lorraine Kelly was pretty “meh” for me, personally. But what if we could be privy to what RA was actually thinking?  His internal reactions to what the talkative, perky-as-a-ferret, not-for-everyone’s tastes Ms. Kelly was chattering about? 

Of course, I can’t read RA (or anyone else’s) mind and this is strictly for fun. You must bring your sense of humor with you when I am in this sort of  satirical mood. I do hope you will enjoy!


Let’s start with a nice wave from Mr. A himself. Always good to get a handshot in!



Poor Richard. He is fighting a nasty cold and feeling a bit off. Finds himself wanting to say the most nonsensical things. He’s in a fog of congested sinuses–and Kelly.


He is quietly amused when he she keeps talking–and talking–and talking. So hard for him to even finish a sentence.Doesn’t she need to stop and catch her breath??


(Sorry the print’s so tiny on this one, you might have to zoom in.) Richard has begun to speculate on how to stop the chatter . . . as only HE can.


Yep, the Tongue of Concentration is good for more than just–concentration.


Oops! The cunning plan has run aground.


Truly a dilemma as she talks–and talks–and talks . . .


And it’s a somewhat predatory gleam–can Lorraine have designs on our beautiful RA?


(In case you missed the Getty.com mini-vids, Mr, A had to upchuck on set after overheating during The Hobbit. Hopes it didn’t make it into any possible blooper reels.)


It’s not easy being the Sexiest Man on Earth–with a head cold, yet.

Rich, you don’t look like you felt great, either. Get some rest, hon!


Is Richard currently battling a cold? Or did the great Twitter debacle yesterday just take the mickey out of him? Either way, he didn’t quite sound like himself and he looked rather tired (gorgeous, yes, but tired) on Lorraine Kelly‘s show this morning on ITV. I confess I am in the midst of an FMS flare-up and not feeling “so sporty” myself, as my dear old dad used to say, so this may be coloring my view this morning.

Unfortunately, we didn’t really learn anything new from this morning’s interview, other than the possibility Richard might be interested in doing some classical theatre–Chekov was mentioned–but nothing re Richard III or any other new film projects possibly on the horizon (of course, Black Sky is in a bit of a limbo with the VFX company used for the film now in bankruptcy).

Richard was his usual charming, modest, rather shy self–did he seem somewhat more subdued than usual to anyone else, I wonder? Again, this could be due to him being a bit under the weather.  We did get to see the beginnings of the beard (sorry, Judi!) and the hair is definitely shorter (mixed feelings on that).  And was that chest hair I spied? I do believe it was.


Richard posing with Lorraine. From Lorraine’s Twitter.



Richard outside ITV studios, courtesy of Maria Neronova on Twitter. Richard, you look “weak-eyed,” as my dear old Mama used to say when this blue-eyed girl was ill.

I hope Richard gets some R&R before he returns to hit it hard in New Zealand filming the rest of TH. And not climbing Machu Picchu or anything of that sort. REST is a four-letter word, yes, but not a bad one, RA. Looks like you could genuinely use some.  You are a super human being, but you aren’t superhuman. I don’t want Margaret having to worry unnecessarily about her boy. Or us, for that matter!