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Want to share a glass of wine with Richard? Check this out. & Happy Thanksgivukkah!


1458445_220323064814747_348728551_nSaw this on FB today . . . ladies who are in London (or who will be on this date) will you be planning to attend?  Another chance to ogle our fave guy in the flesh, maybe get a question answered (perhaps there will be more than one each allotted?) and sip some of the grape in that rarified atmosphere . . .


Richard at last year’s Apple media event in London. My edit of a still from RANet

I already have my copy of the Visual Companion and today I am perusing my Movie Guide. More about that later . . .

In the meantime, we are watching that annual tradition, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, having already polished off vanilla caramel French toast casserole with vanilla caramel coffee to wash it down . . . with Callie and Scarlett enjoying the remnants. ūüėȬ†¬† Happy Thanksgiving AND Happy Hanukkah to my friends who celebrate, and to all the rest, have a wonderful Thursday!

(Bonus cute photos of my sweeties. <3)



Thankful for Richard. Thankful for all of you.


Writing in itself is a rather solitary endeavor. When I was writing for the newspaper, there were times when I simply had to take my laptop and notes and retreat to one of the conference rooms in order to block out some of the madness that could be a newspaper office (yes, even in a small town) and get the story “turned around” as rapidly as possible–written and uploaded to the website.

I work on the components of my blog entries by myself, more or less: making the fanart, creating the videos, writing the essays and so on (although, of course, I benefit from your suggestions and the upcoming rearview vid will have lots of fan input, you cheeky wenches).¬† Still, it’s mostly just me, my laptop and my imagination.

But if I put my time, creativity¬†and energies into¬†doing all of this and no one comes to the party–well, it would be rather lonely, as much pleasure as Mr. Armitage brings into my life.

And so I am thankful for all of you who stop in,¬†whether it’s¬†on a daily basis¬†or just every so often. I truly appreciate it when you¬†leave a comment. It’s encouraging. It lets me know you are reading/perusing and taking an interest in it. Sometimes you tell me that I have helped make your day. Truthfully, that goes both ways. You also help make mine.

Today is Thanksgiving Day here in the US, a holiday that marks our remembrance of the first feast held by the Pilgrims who arrived at Plymouth Rock shared with the native Americans who had helped them.

Pilgrim Snoopy and Indian Woodstock extend Thanksgiving greetings to each other in “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.”

Celebrated on the fourth Thursday of each November, it means family time,¬†feasting on holiday favorites, watching the famed Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade (the same one celebrated in the movie classic Miracle on 34th Street) and football games. For some, it will actually be the kickoff to holiday shopping, as some of our “big box” retailers like K-Mart and Wal-Mart are opening at 8 p.m. offering Black Friday deals early.

From Norman Rockwell’s Freedom series, his famous “Freedom from Want” (fastcodesign.com)

But for me, it is important to also ¬†remember to actually give thanks on Thanksgiving Day. It doesn’t matter what your religious beliefs are or whether or not you even have any; an attitude of gratitude is something that we all can practice, surely.

I am thankful for many things. There’s the everyday blessings we tend to take for granted here; a roof over my head with electricity and running water, a comfortable bed, plenty of food, technology that gives me a window on the world out here in the middle of nowhere.

Thankful for the parents who gave me a sold value system, who encouraged me to develop my brain and my talents and not just focus on being a pretty face a la those Toddlers and Tiaras parents.

For loving sisters and yes, for my own wonderful, darling, kind, sweet, funny, sexy hubby, Benny. For pets who think I’m the greatest and give me so much love and companionship and laughter.¬† For the blessings of a caring RL community and friendships old and new.

And for Richard Armitage, the perfect muse, the incomparable crush, the warm, witty, talented, beautiful, delightful human being. Without him, this blog wouldn’t exist. And again, I am thankful for you all and the¬†kindness, thoughtfulness, fun and friendship you bring into my life each day

Harry Kennedy, the character Richard says is most like the “real” RA. Surely a fellow with a grateful heart.

I made this video last year to celebrate the occasion:

To my fellow American, a Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. And to everyone else, a happy, healthy, blessed Thursday.