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Thorin Thursday: Behind the scenes & out and about



Snaffled from Candy Varty at Facebook. Admiring the view of that sturdy bicep with a portion of the dwarf suit discarded here. And the hand. And the intent way he is listening to the conversation between PJ and Martin.  Never tire of looking at him in behind-the-scenes photos.


RA in his Thorin garb with makeup/prosthetic artist Tami Lane. oh, to be wrapped in Thorin’s robe, embraced by RA’s hands and know he’s wearing such a genuine smile on that gorgeous face you get to make up each and every day . . .


Love Richard’s support of charitable endeavours. And this photo with his adorable scale double, Mark Atkin, always makes me smile.

BeFunky_taminner1 (1)RATamie.jpg

And more of RA with Tami. ❤

BeFunky_untitled-105.jpgLove how hard he works at everything . . . the focus and intensity.  And it shows in his amazing performances.


And I think he’s proven that admirably. 😀


And I adore the two men behind the characters. I’ve become quite the McTavish fan, too, you see.

Richard’s scale/stunt double gets moment in spotlight


Mark Atkins, one of the people I follow on Twitter, is also the scale double and stunt performer for Richard in The Hobbit trilogy. Mark was spotlighted in a local UK newspaper this week and I wanted to share the link with you. From everything I understand, he’s a very nice young man (several fans got to meet and dine with him in Wellington as I recall). And I didn’t know he used to be a police officer! There are also some nice pix with the story, including one of his proud mum and a shot of Mark with PJ.


It can’t hurt to run this cute pic of Rich and Mark at a charity event once again. A couple of hotties!

It’s Mark & Rich! (They’re so cute.)


This photo popped up again yesterday on Twitter in a convo with Mark Atkins himself, Richard Armitage’s scale double in TH and a man with his own army now–Atkins’ Army.  I love this picture on so many levels: the camaraderie visible between these two hard-working actors, the joie de vivre we see on those faces, Mr. Armitage’s big goofy grin and those giant thumbs (Servetus surely approves); the knowledge they are taking part in a charitable fundraiser and clearly having fun while doing good.

And it doesn’t hurt that they are a couple of hotties, either. Double your pleasure, double your fun.