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He Ain’t Tall, But He’s My Hairy Hottie: Some Thorin for Thursday


Thorin Oakenshield: brave, determined, fierce, heroic, an amazing warrior and uncrowned king.

Who is also very hairy and on the short side. Well, he is a dwarf, after all.

And I love him from the top of his long-maned head with its charming pointy ears to the tips of his boot-shod feet.
You might say Thorin is my hairy hottie. *sigh* And I think he’s just dreamy.
“I will follow him, wherever he goes . . .”

Oh, Thorin, you look so fine on that shaggy pony of yours! 😉

I love the expression on Thorin's face here and the stance. So---Guy-like!

I wonder if Thorin's Creator ever finds himself getting a crick in his lovely neck from the unaccustomed need to look up at other actors for a change?

He may be vertically challenged, but Thorin stands tall in the realm of Middle-Earth.

(screencaps courtesy of RANet)