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Mr. Storyteller, will you sing to me, too?


I would love to see and hear this man sing a lullaby to a child . . . with that sweetness and gentleness shining through in those beautiful blue eyes and a soft smile on his lips. *sigh* Ok, I need to pick myself up off the floor.


We heard him singing  a sort of lullaby on one of the RH audiobooks, but he was singing as a female character. On Finnish TV, Richard actually sang part of the Misty Mountains song a cappella (and I assume he did so without someone twisting his toned arm) in his own rich, rumbling baritone.  Here’s the link to the clip. Richard’s vocal performance is at the end. A perfect finale!


Of course, I wouldn’t object at all if he came each night to tell me a story AND to croon some sweet tune to me. My husband might object, but really, I wouldn’t mind at ALL.


Oh, I love a gorgeous, good-hearted man of many talents. *thud*

Some Thorin for Thursday: Images & Update on Soundtrack!



Here’s a link to Amazon and the soundtrack ( including, of course,  that hauntingly beautiful Misty Mountains song with RA and the fellow dwarves). The soundtrack is now available for pre-order with the release expected on December 11.  There is both a special edition and a regular edition available.  The deluxe edition includes Academy Award-winning composer Howard Shore‘s score for the film, along with seven extended score cues, six bonus tracks and deluxe liner notes in a 2 CD hardbound digibook. The score was recorded at the legendary Abbey Roads Studios with the London Philharmonic Orchestra.

Why do I have a feeling there will be an awful lot of Hobbiting going on between now and mid-December . . . with the jingle of cash registers ringing merrily as the juggernaut continues?