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Surely a son any mama would be proud to claim.



A man with a pleasant disposition, kind, blessed with a sense of humor that is keen but never mean-spirited; compassionate, generous, well-mannered.


A true professional who works hard, takes his craft  seriously and is appreciative of his co-workers–and shows it.


A man who is equally appreciative of his supporters.


An attentive, patient listener.


Extraordinarily talented and gifted, and yet just as extraordinarily humble, modest and well-grounded about it all.


Bright, witty, charismatic, thoughtful. A true gentleman–and did we mention he’s quite beautiful?


Dear Mrs. Armitage, thank you so much for bringing such a special son into this world, and bringing him up to be the lovely human being he is today. You’ve shared with the world an extraordinary gift.  And I am so happy you are getting to be a part of some of the excitement as Richard’s dreams are realized. Enjoy the journey!