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Soaring with Thorin!


Another idea for promotion of The Hobbit. He certainly makes our hearts soar, right?

The bad news is my glands are swelling in my neck, throat is sore and head aches. ^%%$*&@!%   ‘Tis the season . . . please let me be able to sleep!

The good news is my freshly shampooed and conditioned hair is shiny and sweet-smelling and full of body. I am having a Good Hair Night. “It is better to look marvelous than to feel marvelous” LOL

Thumper discovered the wonders of fresh catnip tonight courtesy of her daddy. A slightly stoned three-legged tuxedo cat with a Hitler mustache can be very entertaining. She appeared to be feeling no pain.

And in a couple of days I will be at the beach, hopefully feeling much better.   Fingers crossed! Tomorrow I need to run to town and pick up a few items pre-trip, including preparations for Benny’s birthday Saturday, and do some packing (once I figure out what I am taking to wear).

In the meantime, here’s some more Thorin including the giant mural in NYC of Thorin & Company kindly shared in a link with us by JaneGael. Thank you, Jane! Thorin–larger than life! *thud*

This 150-feet-tall mural–actually painted rather than printed as most are today–will be on display for a number of weeks in NYC. Thorin and Company have arrived in the Big Apple!

Studying Little Thorin


As you can see, Thumper is completely taken with her new friend and playmate, Little Thorin. She’s giving him a head rub with her chin at present. She finds those braids–along with everything else about him–quite fetching.

Of course, I find him pretty fetching myself. I’ve been studying Little Thorin’s kit–the sleeveless vented outer coat with the generous fur trim over the short-sleeved slate blue knee-length tunic, a coat of mail beneath the tunic (and, I assume, that fetching black shirt would be hidden beneath the mail).  He’s wearing the “leather” forearm guards (which remind me of S3 Guy, and I love anything that reminds me of Guy, as you may have noticed) and fingerless gloves.

Those remind me of Porter’s fingerless gloves, which I really, really liked.  Accessories are important, don’t you know. The figure doesn’t have Thorin’s bling-bling-his big honkin’ rings, but he’s sporting pretty much everything else, including two weapons.

We’ve agreed it looks as if RA is wearing a kilt in the vlog scene depicted in the above GIF in which he chillaxs with his peeps. I took a peek under Thorin’s pretty blue tunic–I mean Little Thorin’s tunic, of course–and he appears to be wearing matching blue trousers. On the figure, they end at LT’s knee in order to allow the knee joint to be articulated (doesn’t bend, but it does swivel and you can move the leg back and forth a bit to make LT “walk,” or, in my case, do a little dancing. Hey, dwarves like to party hard, right??)

And of course, he’s got those cool boots, complete with decorative toe guards. I really do love this whole ensemble for Mr. Oakenshield. I think the costume designers did a fabulous job.  And then, of course, you have RA’s fabulosity filling it out.

Oh, the hearts that are going to be thudding this December.

All in all, I am well pleased with my Little Thorin action figure. It’s surpisingly heavy–I don’t know, I guess I feared flimsy plastic, but this is quite sturdy–with lots of attention to detail.  The molded hair complete with widow’s peak features hair jewelry and a few distinctive streaks of grey, and the face has that little furrow between the brows, a proper aquiline nose and nice high cheekbones. He’s quite fierce (although Thumper knows he is really a pussycat).  Is he as handsome as the CReAtor? Well, no–but if that was the case, they’d have never gotten the figures out of China. All the employees would have been stealing them!

Mr. February is here. Yummm.


My calendar arrived today!!

Thumper the three-legged tuxedo cat seems to enjoy looking at Thorin on the front of the calendar. She has the Good Taste Gene.

It’s printed on a good-quality heavyweight stock with the edges of the pages given an attractive distressed look, as one might find on an old manuscript.

The inside cover of the calendar is a map of the Lonely Mountain and its surroundings and the first page features September-December 2012–so you really can use it to count down to the premiere. Bilbo is Mr. January, and this handsome bloke is Mr. February . . . what with Valentine’s Day, Mr. Dreamboat is certainly a perfect choice.

Pin-up Boy for February. I think he’s got the key to my heart.

The rest of the calendar art is devoted to Fili and Kili (March); a gorgeous portrait of Galadriel (April);  Ori, Dori and Nori (May); Bombur and Bofur (June); Elrond (July); Balin and Dwalin (August); Gandalf (September); a charming portrait of Radagast (October); Bifur, Oin and Gloin (November) and Legolas (December).  Some of the art we’ve seen before and some is new (to me, anyway).


Here’s a shot of the back cover with miniatures of all the interior art. There’s also an offer for a free calendar widget and downloadable wallpaper (that’s it on the upper right).

So–is it December yet?? Hmmm, let me check my calendar . . . tomorrow, my action figure should arrive. 😀

The Juggernaut Continues. Sir Peter is smiling somewhere.


I was napping a good portion of the day. My sinuses are much better; I just feel kind of–wobbly, for lack of a better term. Sort of like a human version of the three-legged tuxedo cat, in fact.

It was fun catching up on all the comments tonight and discovering the latest Thorin merchandise via Aprilviolet’s blog. And yes, I succumbed.

OK, I know Thorin does not have his long locks here, but darn, he’s cute. And I love that he looks so fierce and yet–so cuddly all at once.  Yes, Benny, my Christmas presents are being taken care of early . . .

Estimated shipping date is late October. Below is the link to the UK site carrying the items, which also include a plush Gandalf, Gollum, Bilbo and Goblin King.


Tomorrow this should arrive from www.amazon.com. Love that a certain alpha dwarf is on the front of this calendar:


Wednesday, this guy, also from Amazon, is due to arrive. It’s not as handsome as the real thing, of course,  but I like the details and you get TWO weapons. 😉


*Remember, when you order anything through Amazon US or Amazon UK, use the portal at www.richardarmitagenet.com and a portion of your purchase will go to Richard Armitage‘s designated charities. It’s a way to give back as Richard has encouraged us to while shopping for things you need–and things you just simply WANT. 😉

I should also mention that collecting such items really isn’t terribly outside the sphere of normality for moi. After all, I had a whole collection of novelty bedroom slippers at one time–and one of my birthday gifts was an 11th Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver. Complete with lights and sounds.  I happened to mention I’d like to have one while Hubby and I were watching BBCA one Saturday night and hey presto–I got one. The kitties love it. I give them–CAT scans. (Sorry, couldn’t resist).

I really am just a kid in a grown-up body, after all.

Have you ordered your annual yet?


The new movie tie-in book, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Annual 2013, is now out. And you are going to want a copy!

If you order from Amazon using the link buttons on the home page at www.richardarmitagenet.com our dear friend Ali will make sure a portion of the sale goes to charity. Amazon.com only has the books available through their marketplace, but I ordered mine today. After all, my birthday is only a few weeks away, right?  Dearly hoping it arrives well before the middle of October!

The One Ring Net also has an article and artwork from the book, including an amazing portrait of actor Lee Pace as Elven King Thranduil that you can enlarge to see all the intricate details of his costume. http://www.theonering.net/torwp/2012/08/30/61298-thranduil-saruman-the-white-revealed-in-hobbit-film-tie-in-book/

Here’s a taste of the beautiful artwork to be found within the new book:

Thorin and his nephews Kili and Fili. Who says dwarfs aren’t hot?? Courtesy of TORn/RAFrenzy

So, is it December yet??

Have Orcrist, will battle. I’d follow this dude anywhere.