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You’re a charmer, Mr. M


One of my favorite RA bad boys, John Mulligan.  He’s mighty purty, and he’s a charmer. Is he redeemable or rotten through and through? Yep, one of those characters I would love to discuss with Richard himself. Amongst so many other things . . .
(this video doesn’t appeared to be blocked at my old channel–somehow more than 3,000 people have viewed it. Give it a try . . .)

A lazy Sunday, Lucrezia & Stuff


Logo from the television program Game of Thrones

Sherlock (TV series)
Sherlock (TV series) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well, talk about a lazy Sunday. Last night was one where neither of us rested well. My eyes were on an itching marathon–even the drops didn’t help much–and inclement weather was on the move in our direction. Between Benny’s fractured leg of last summer and my bum knee and still healing tailbone, we tend to “feel it in our bones.” And–we aren’t as young as we used to be, alas. Except at heart. ­čśë

We were just starting to slip into sleep this morning when–the weather radio siren sounded and the thunder rolled.
Ah well, at least we didn’t get the large hail and damaging winds that could have come with the line of thunderstorms. I napped off and on all day. As I said, lazy, lazy.

Holliday as Lucrezia Borgia. Isn’t she gorgeous? (photo courtesy of Showtime)

Looking forward to a new episode of Game of Thrones tonight, followed by the second series of Sherlock on Masterpiece Theatre–I love this updated twist on my favorite consulting detective–and later, a new ep of The Borgias with lovely Holliday Grainger as Lucrezia. Lots of intrigue, mystery and treachery tonight with several of RA’s former and current co-stars–Martin Freeman, Lara Pulver (not surprised to see “Izzie” as a dominatrix, LOL) and Holliday. In the end, all roads lead back to Richard Armitage and his amazing array of chaRActers.

Some Mulligan for Monday (oh, you sexy snollygoster, you!)


Yeah . . . I'm sexy and I know it. It's in my genes. And my jeans.

I fear I find myself thinking of that old country song, "You Can Eat Crackers in My Bed Anytime" . . .

Oh, those hands. Those eyes. The promises they can make.

Rare & Amusing Insults 2: Armitage as Snollygoster


Snollygoster: an unprincipled, but shrewd person. The origin of this word is unknown, but it was used┬áto┬árefer to dirty politics in┬á19th century America. One newspaper editor referred to a┬ásnollygoster ┬áas “a fellow who wants office regardless of party, platform or principle.”

Richard has not yet played a politician, honest or otherwise, but I do think this word could apply to our smooth criminal, John Mulligan. Definitely intelligent and definitely possessing fluid morals.

John Mulligan, the sexiest snollygoster around.

One snollygoster I wouldn't mind snogging.

Mulligan for Monday: A Smooth Criminal?


John invites Ellie out to dinner. It's an invitation she just can't refuse.

John Mulligan, the character Richard played in Drowning, Not Waving in the first series of Moving On is one of my favorite “bad boy” characters of RA’s. Perhaps my very favorite, as I can’t really think of Guy as bad, just–misunderstood. ­čśë And the “evil henchman” is redeemed in the end. With John, it isn’t that simple . . .

John is the boy who grew up on the wrong side of the tracks, in and out of trouble as a youth. Nobody expected much out of little Johnnie Mulligan when he grew up.

Years later, he shows up on the doorstep of an old schoolmate who is mired in serious debt due to living beyond her means. She has been sacked and is now doing her best to avoid the bill collectors. Ellie is the smart girl who came from a stable home and always did the right thing back in the day. Now it seems she has made a thorough mess of things.

So, when this gorgeous, successful man from her past–tall, dark and handsome with a disarming manner, seductive voice and charm to spare–asks her out to dinner and offers to take the house off her hands, Ellie is tempted. Can we blame her? But is John Mulligan all he appears to be? Here are some photos and a Mulligan video, “Hypnotize Me.”

“Could you be an angel? Could you be the devil? . . .”

(photos courtesy of RAC Gallery)


There he goes, feigning sleep once more and making us swoon.

Never left someone else pack for you, even if he looks like this.

Anyone for fork porn?

Mammonism: (noun) the greedy pursuit of riches.
(screencaps-Richard Armitage Central)

The TAE Word for the Day is brought to you by that sexy, seductive bad boy, John Mulligan. John, the product of a broken home who grew up on the wrong side of the tracks, appears to have made a smashing success of himself in the real estate business.

However, the truth is John is engaging in some very unlauful activities to help support his lavish lifestyle. It seems Johnnie Mulligan is engaging in mammonism and doesn’t care about those he might hurt along the way.

Mulligan may be an amoral criminal and liar who is immersed in mammonism, but I gotta say–he is one delicious bad boy.

Mammonism and Mulligan: TAE Word for the Day