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An Armitage Cat . . . a splendiferous creature!


Here are some Photoshop creations using pix of our lovely fellow back in his musical theatre days performing in Cats. At least, I think they are all photos of RA. We know those are his prize thighs in the larger group shot, and I do believe I recognize his distinctive thumb in the more close-up photo.  (And if the head shot isn’t Richard, then Kathryngaul is going to be right upset. So it had better be . . .)

                                      An Armitage Cat is the sleekest of cats, an Armitage Cat is the biggest of cats,

                                     An Armitage Cat is the graceful-est cat, an Armitage Cat is the charming-est cat,

                                    An Armitage Cat does not wear a hat, is not a bit fat,  and that is, well–THAT.

                                                               *with sincerest apologies to T.S. Eliot and, quite possibly, Dr. Seuss*

Oh, to see that tall, beautiful, elegant drink of water dance t’would be a dream come true . . . actually to see him in anything would be a dream come true righr now, *sigh* Let’s see, how many days ’til the publicity blitz starts for The Hobbit? Or maybe another videoblog? The discovery of a previously unseen photograph? Hello. PR people, can you hear me? Hint, hint, wink, wink, nudge, nudge . . .