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‘I got a Nikon camera, I love to take photographs . . .’


It’s packed away somewhere, that camera, my first “real” single-lens reflex, a gift to me from my parents for graduation. I took so many photos with that old Nikon, including tons of photos of my niece, Heather. She was my oldest sister’s first-born, coming into the world six weeks before I turned 17. I spent many, many hours with that child during school breaks and holidays, playing pretend games, plunking out tunes on the piano and singing to her, drawing pictures for her, reading her stories.  And taking her photo.


Heather, intrigued by the scuppernong vine in her grandparents’ yard.


Just had to crop in on that sweet little face.


Our  miniature Daisy Duke was fascinated by the cows. She tried to get bossy once or twice. “Hey, you cows–come here WIGHT NOW!” They paid little heed.

Heather Christmas 1982

A five-year-old niece is lots of fun at Christmas.


At age 10, Heather flew from Alabama with my sister and Mom to visit us in South Dakota. She was such a delight that summer–she’d get tuckered out, and then we’d arrive at a new destination and she’d perk up and be as excited as ever. Here we are in Reptile Gardens.

Angie & Heather c 1990

Me and the sweet child circa 1990.  I am so glad to have had those special times with her along with the Nikon (and Yashica and Canon and Minolta and Olympus) to document them along the way . . .