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Guyday Friday: Guy celebrates National Relaxation Day . . .


LW awoke to the sound of–singing. A booming baritone was infiltrating her foggy brain.  Singing . . . “I’m Too Sexy?”

She sat up in bed and shook back her tousled waves, rubbing her sleep-sticky eyes. OK, yes I AM awake.

The clock told her it was past time for Mr. LW to be at work. And while her beloved hubby’s voice was deep, he didn’t sing, except in monotone.

It HAD to be—

She put on her glasses and headed to the other end of the house, the lusty tones ringing in her ears, along with the sounds of–splashing?

“Poor pussy–poor pussycat . . .”

LW eased the door to the big bathroom open. There, in the oversized tub, brimming over with bubbles, was her favorite dark knight, wielding LW’s back brush and scrubbing in time to his singing.

“Sir Guy . . .”

He looked up and flashed the most dazzling grin at her.  “Good morning, my lady! Hope you don’t mind . . . I’ve been romping with those lovely dogs of yours and got quite hot and sticky and filthy. Considering what day it is, I thought t’would be pleasant to enjoy a proper soak in this rather grand bath of yours.”

The image of Sir Guy getting all “hot and sticky and filthy” whilst playing with her favorite canines was both endearing and—stirring—for Ladywriter.

She got rather lost in it for a moment, before returning to the present. Drinking in the sight of her dark knight’s soapy raven tresses threatening to tumble into those azure eyes, a rivulet of water cascading down the bare chest visible above the bubbles, she gave a soft sigh.


“Erhm, oh yes, today IS Guyday Friday, isn’t it?”

Sir Guy tossed back his wet mane and shook it, before flashing her another lopsided grin. LW gave an inward squee.

“Well, yes—of course, there is THAT.” Sir Guy lifted a brow and raised one long, elegant (if soapy) finger, wagging it playfully in her direction. “And don’t you ever forget it, my dear LW.”

“Worry not, my dear dark knight, I never shall.”

His eyes sparkled. “I know you never shall. However, it is also National Relaxation Day.”

LW’s brows elevated this time.

“You can learn a lot on Facebook, you know,” Sir Guy added with a distinct degree of smugness. “And so I am relaxing by playing with our pets and–taking a bubble bath.”

His grin took on a devilish air, the gleam in his eye positively wicked. “It’s a very commodious bath you have here. Care to join me?”

Oh, Sir Guy, DON’T tempt me.

Happy Guyday Friday and Happy Relaxation Day!