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New pix: On a cold night, a grown-up “Harry K.” to warm me


Busy day. Up early. Freezing this morning. Fibro body uncooperative. Wore boots to town to keep feet warm. Almost fell twice. People ARE going to think I actually do drink. Somewhat gloomy news at the humane society meeting. We are doing so much good in the county and yet we are behind on our bills. Gee, we are having the same problem! Need more money and SOON! Must get my fundraising idea underway but only one person brought collection container . . . worked on video project for PRP. Started all over again because it just wasn’t “right.” Tried to get to sleep  Stressed. Depressed. Cried. Back up. So cold without central heat~

And then I saw these, posted by Fernanda Matias at the Richard Armitage Appreciation Society page on FB. 1422464_10152066595183993_287174946_n








I’d say more, but my hands are now turning into icicles and to bed I must return. Maybe I can finally sleep and dream of a lovely, manly man with nape curls and tempting stubble, casually clad in vests and cozy sweaters and plaid . . . looking very fanciable. What’s going on behind those blue eyes?  . . .  Good night.