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Thumper discovers joy of Thorin’s weapons



Most of you know that our tuxedo cat Thumper is missing her back right leg. Which means it is hard for her to scratch her itches on that side. Bless her heart, instinct kicks in and her little stump will go like mad as she tilts her head to scratch, but she never gets any relief until we step in and help her out. Or until she finds something to rub her head againt.

And Monday night she discovered Thorin’s Orcrist. And she rubbed and rubbed and rubbed until that sword was well and truly polished, or would have been if it were metal instead of plastic. The look of utter bliss was just hilarious, both Benny and I were cracking up. We were also watching the Alabama game, so I didn’t get any photos taken and had to “restage” things tonight and share.

Seems we humans are not the only ones completely charmed by Thorin and his blade . . .