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Sir Guy is Fly! Happy Guyday Friday.


Feelin’ kind of beat up this morning. Being in a hemmed-in situation (via the tethered tripod and knobby-kneed teenager poking me in the back) at Honors Program aggravated my shoulder, knee and back. I am not a woman made for sitting in the bleachers, alas, not even down front, it seems 😉 Event took quite a bit longer than expected. Benny took a good look at me when Harry and I got back to dealership and said. “Take a muscle relaxer. We can do without you tonight.” I didn’t argue. 😉

I’ve some other video production-related work to do, not to mention trying to catch up on all your comments, my lovelies,  but for now let’s just concentrate on the ravishing creature we celebrate each Friday: the ever-so-thudworthy Sir Guy of Gisborne.  The leather! The locks! The eyebrows! The smirk! The Guyliner! It’s all good . . . Sir Guy is fly!







Farewell to Guyday Friday with a little ‘Fever’


I know it’s been miserably cold in a lot of Armitage World of late with snow and mind-(and body)numbing temperatures. With that in mind, Sir Guy and I hope to warm things up for you a bit as we prepare to bid farewell to Guyday Friday . . . stay safe and warm and toasty, folks! Talk it away, Peggy . . .