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Who’s your baddie?: Poll


We all know Richard Armitage enjoys playing baddies. Of course, I don’t even consider my first and favorite RA ChaRActer, Sir Guy of Gisborne, to be truly bad–just misunderstood.

Excluding the Sultan of Smoulder, who is your favorite amoral/immoral bad boy  ChaRActer? Tell us why.  Is it someone not listed here? If so, who?

RA’s Heartbreakers: Rogues, Cons & Bad Boys


Philip Durant, the husband with the roving eye and a potential murder suspect in Agatha Christie’s Ordeal by Innocence.

Lee Preston, the firty-girty lifeguard with the irresistible charm and an inability to be faithful to one woman in “Cold Feet.”

The charming Stage Door Johnny, Percy Courtenay, who swept future Edwardian musical hall star Marie Lloyd of her feet in “Marie Lloyd.”

John Mulligan, the boy from the wrong side of the tracks turned successful businessman–and, perhaps, more in :”Moving On.”

Heinz Kruger, crafty murderous spy for the evil Hydra in “Captain America.”

Percy and his angel face after shaving.

Hold On! for another new fanvid


I guess I am in a Motown mood of late–hmmm, could it have anything to do with Mr. A’s proximity to the Motor City as he films Black Sky?

Whatever the case may be, I put together this little fanvid last night and uploaded it this morning for your Monday viewing pleasure. The song is a bit of a nostalgia trip because I remember my older sister (she of the elegant long pianist’s fingers) playing the memorable chorus on the little chord organ at the farmhouse. “DUN-dun-dun-dunnn-dunn-nah-nah . . .” And now I confess to needing a nap. Yes, I know it is still morning here, but I’ve been up a lon-n-n-g time . . .

Armitage Angel Faces


The man is beautiful, obviously. But there  are times when he’s been–angelic looking. Even if the character is a rotter, he can still look like he’s just dropped in from the clouds above with those heavenly blue eyes and the sweetness of that smile. He really does take your breath away. Just a few examples of Armitage’s angel faces.