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Contrary to what you might have thought . . .


Fedoralady is still alive and (reasonably) well and definitely still an admirer of Mr. Armitage. I enjoy those little snippets we get of him now and again. Thank you, Michelle Forbes, “Berlin Station” co-star and apparent new fan of our amazing guy, for your lovely tweets and twitpics. They do help fans hungry for any morsels of Armitage.

As for me, I’ve had a few issues with writer’s block, a dodgy left shoulder and the usual money worries. There have been frequent bouts of melancholy, what with one actor/musician after another from my youth shuffling off their collective mortal coils. As the late, great southern writer Lewis Grizzard once more or less said, “Elvis is dead and I’m not feeling so good myself.”

Amen, Lewis. Amen.

We haven’t been hit with blizzards as in other parts of the country, but we’ve had some violent thunderstorms that kept me awake all night.  And enough cold, wet days this winter to make my cats alternately stir crazy/ extra clingy and me simply not want to get out of bed. Some days I haven’t. My eyes are doing strange things–too much time online, perhaps?–or maybe my baby cataracts have finally ripened. I flinch at the idea of what surgery will cost me, even with insurance. Those damned co-pays.

A friend’s husband was killed in a traffic accident ten days or so ago. Their daughter is in high school, playing on the girls’ basketball team. She had to miss a game, but was able to play in the game that won her team the regional trophy. My friend was there, eyes still puffy but a smile on her face, posing for a photo holding the trophy, surrounded by the girls.

Life goes on. Celebration and mourning, elation and grief can come fast on one another’s heels.

Our furry babies are growing and in my eyes, absolutely gorgeous. I forget just how much they’ve grown until I look at their older pix and see the difference. I delight in working on photo edits of them.

A prodigal son, a former feral we adopted after his elderly owner had to give him up before moving to assisted living, has returned. Billie Jeff disappeared after literally breaking out of our house and running away months ago. He’s a huge, beautiful boy, his clipped ear giving him a distinctly rakish look. He’s cautious around the other felines but very open to petting and being picked up and cuddled by the humans.
I think he got lonely. And tired of trying to cope on his own.

Billie Jeff, the prodigal who has returned to the fold.

Billie Jeff, the prodigal who has returned to the fold.

I guess we all need a place to call home.

Benny emailed me today to say another cat has appeared at the house, one who quickly headed for the old farmhouse when he saw my husband. That means we now have ten cats in the vicinity, only two of whom have been “fixed.”

I actually dreamed recently that someone had dumped a box full of puppies in our yard. I was alternately elated and completely dismayed. I love puppies and can’t imagine life without my Crick Bank Kitties. But any more mouths to feed . . . no. Just no.  No more room at this inn.

Now I am working on a retrospective video that will be shown at the Ritz each night before the 10th anniversary of our arts council’s musical fundraisers this April. It’s good to get those creative juices flowing again; I hope it helps jumpstart some other projects for me.  Still working on promoting my Crick Bank Kitty Collection at Spreadshirt; got another order on Wednesday. Every little bit helps.















Spring’s coming; according to the groundhog, it will arrive early.

I remain hopeful. Stressed and a bit “beat down,” maybe. But hopeful. And there are images like this to help tide me over.  Thanks again, Michelle.


Happy Guyday Friday! It’s Fur-Tastic!


“You’ve added to the family, I see. More orphans in need of–what do you call it?–a FUR-ever home, Ladywriter?” Sir Guy raised a single brow as he gave her a lopsided smile.

LW glanced over at the three kittens cuddled up next to her. “Benny saw them on his way to work the other day and asked me to go on a kitten rescue mission after work.” She shrugged and added sheepishly, “You know I’m a sucker for furry little baby animals.” Ladywriter’s mouth curved into a besotted smile as she looked at the threesome playing together. “And these babies are so—SWEET.”









The dark knight gave a chuckle. “Apparently that’s not what Scarlett thinks. I believe she said in Katteese they were ‘The Spawn of Satan.'”

LW sighed. “Yeah . . . jealousy and the whole territorial thing’s been rearing its ugly head since we brought off the deck and into the house yesterday.” She grinned up at Sir Guy, a mischievous gleam in her bespectacled eyes. “You big cats can be very territorial at times, you know.”

Sir Guy sniffed and shot her one of *those* sideways glances.  “If your heart wasn’t so divided amongst my CReAtor’s ChaRActers, both living and So Not Dead, perhaps we would have no need to have those feelings, my lady.”

“Sir Guy—you know perfectly well that you are THE number one ChaRActer for me, I just happen to have a big heart with lots of room for compelling  ChaRActers and cute little furry creatures, ” she replied in a chiding tone.  Ladywriter spun her laptop around so that her raven-haired visitor could see the screen and tapped its edge with her finger.

“Look–I even worked on some new edits of you last night!”

The flash of white teeth was dazzling as he gave a deep, rumbling laugh of approval.

“Well–wait until Soldier Boy and Chewy Man hear this!”

Chewy Man?! Oh, riiiight.

Happy Guyday Friday!






Ain’t too proud to beg, or Fedoralady seeks supporters for critters in need



In case you didn’t already know this, Fedoralady is a sucker for animals. I grew up on a farm surrounded by critters, from cows and pigs and chickens to the dogs and cats who patrolled the property. When I married, Benny and I started adopting pets–and we’ve never stopped.


We will celebrate our 30th anniversary in June, and in that time we’ve shared our homes and properties with Smokie, Ginger and Mary Ann, Thumper, Lucky, Puddin,’ Callie, Scarlett, Rascal I and II, Daisy, Junior, Seabee, Greedy, Teeny Weeny, Tom, Cheeto . . . well, you get the idea. Some were adopted from a shelter or humane society; others came to us via a good Samaritan or simply showed up on our doorsteps.  Did we choose them–or did they choose us? I’ve never been completely certain.

Right now, I’ve got Scarlett, who once resided in the city animal shelter, bathing on my legs. Callie, formerly a semi-feral kitten roaming the nearby woods, is roosting happily on my shoulder and chest. They are beautiful, bright, very spoiled and very much adored.

BeFunky_P5057096rqascal.jpgOur beautiful Rascal, who was part of a litter of puppies abandoned on the side of the road in a neighboring county. All of the photos in this post, with exception of Second Chance collage, are my own work.

Pets have brought a lot to our lives–love, affection, friendship and companionship. Laughter. Snuggles. Fun. For some people, the love of a pet is the only unconditional love they will experience.

I hate seeing animals who are healthy and adoptable being euthanized. It seems like such a horrible waste. In my part of the country, sadly, there is a greater supply of dogs and cats than there is a demand to adopt them. That means some animals end up being put down. However, the number being euthanized at the Greenville Animal Shelter has dropped in the past two years by 83 percent.

How have we done this? Lots of work on the part of our wonderful animal control officers, Kristi and Christy along with our Butler County Humane Society and its Second Chance Rescue, which is a no-kill facility operated by my cousin by marriage, Kandys.  The shelter and humane society work together with reputable animal rescues around the country to find homes for the homeless critters of Butler County.



Here are Kandys and Tommy,  who is one of her hard-working assistants at Second Chance Rescue. These people have hearts of gold.

Animals are driven out by relay transport by volunteers to other states and even flown to new homes through the generosity of Pilots n’ Paws. The number of animals being adopted locally has also risen as the shelter actively promotes available dogs and cats on FB and Pet Finder. Humane society member serve as foster parents to pets awaiting adoption or rescue commitments when the shelter and Second Chance facilities have no “room at the inn.”

Obviously, we can’t save them all, but we strive to save as many animals as possible.

As one of our members pointed out, all this takes love and money. We truly do have big hearts, but we live in a largely rural county that is far from wealthy. We seek assistance through corporate grants  and donations from caring supporters from near and far. We also hold several fundraisers each year. And we ain’t too proud to beg!



Four of the fifteen private planes that were a part of the “Great Sunshine Fly-In” in January 2015 that transported more than 200 felines and canines from the Greenville Airport to various parts of Florida where new homes awaited them.  😀 The Butler County Humane Society sponsored the event and the Greenville Animal Shelter helped coordinate it.


One of the Pilots n’ Paws volunteers with a precious pup who will be flown to a fur-ever home in Florida. 

So here’s the deal.  Take a look at the Booster.com campaign.  Consider making a small donation online via PayPal or major credit or debit card, or buying a shirt to donate as a prize for one of our fundraising events, such as bi-annual Bark in the Park The campaign ends March 18 and we are currently one-third of our way to selling 75 shirts.
And thank you from the bottom of my critter-loving heart for whatever you can do.  😀






Guyday Friday: LW feeling poorly. Kitten feeling frisky. Sir Guy as gorgeous as ever.


“I seem to have–picked up–something on the way in,” Sir Guy said drily, glancing down toward his boots.

Ladywriter, who was nursing a confounded earache along with a bout of TMJ, clasped a heated rice bag to the side of her head as she peered in the direction of the TDHSK.

“Well, I hope you didn’t pick up any ‘deposits’ left by Buddy or Rascal while you were playing with them to track through the house,” she replied, giving him one of those “stern teacher” looks through her spectacles. “I have reminded you about scraping those big, beautiful feet before, you know.”

(She was a little touchy today.)

Sir Guy shook his head. “No–t’would be one small feline attached to my left leg.” Raising said leg, Sir Guy smirked as he shook it. Scarlett Kitten was firmly attached to his leather-shod calf, her bright little eyes gleaming as she dug her sharp little claws in tighter. She loved using Sir Guy as a portable climbing post. Heck, she just loved Sir Guy, period. But then, didn’t all females with the Good Taste Gene feel the same way?

Happy Guyday Friday, y’all! Now, back to that heated rice bag . . . *sigh*




65f18346_o (1)


Back by Popular Demand: Scarlett!


Things are still uneasy here between the two cats. Well, Scarlett would be just fine about it all but Callie is determined to stalk the poor mite and scare the blue blazes out of her. So I have to keep an eye and ear out at all times that I don’t have Scarlett shut up in her room to protect her from the Wrath of She Who is So Jealous. Man, I don’t know how parents do it. Anyhoo, here are pix of the gorgeous girl.




















Happy early birthday to me. Meet Scarlett.


BeFunky_null_1.jpgMy very kind, generous and lovely fairy godmother is responsible for me being able to adopt this beautiful little fluff ball today. Scarlett has been living at the Greenville Animal Shelter since July. Now approx. 15 weeks old, she is a lively, curious, affectionate, boisterous, adorable long-haired calico who has already stolen my heart. My birthday is still a week away, but I feel as if I’ve already received a most wonderful gift. I do believe this motherless kitten will help mend a somewhat bruised and battered old heart. Thank you, Fairy Godmama, you did it again.  You’re a treasure!



hhh1g0 .,4E0BeFunky_P9189525.jpg


So here’s what has occupied my time–amongst other things


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMissy uses those puppy dog eyes to great effect.

A few days ago my husband wakes me from a late afternoon nap to tell me to get dressed. We go down to the old farmhouse. Out front, beneath a tree, someone has left four puppies, a floral sheet, and two plastic bowls, one containing water and the other, some dry dog food.  No idea, of course, who dropped them off. We suspect someone from the neighboring county, which doesn’t have a proper county animal shelter. They aren’t the first pups that have been dumped out here; sadly, I fear they also won’t be the last.

So here we are, in the foster pet parent business. We can’t possibly keep all four–I suspect they will grow up to be big dogs, and we’ve already three good-sized ones we are hard-pressed to keep in kibble–but we will care for and love them until good homes can be found for three of them.  They’ve been well-fed and seem in good shape. For now, we’ve named the two girls Mollie and Missy and the two boys Patches and Reo.

Took me a while to sort out the three black ones. 😉 I am beginning to see their little personalities emerging. Missy and Reo are very fond of giving kisses. I am covered with puppy germs on cheeks, chin and throat. And I love it. Mollie and Patches were a bit shy in the beginning, but discovering they enjoy belly rubs and a bit o’ cuddling, too.



Reo posing on the hood of my daddy’s old pickup truck.  Below, Missy trying out one of the deck chairs.



We were gone a good part of the day shooting a rather lengthy anniversary celebration in another neighboring county, and upon our arrival back home four little wriggly bodies came out to greet us. I had to sit down and visit with them even though I was *pardon the pun* dog tired and still wearing my heat-absorbing Videographer Black. Later I headed back out and with the small amount of battery power left in the camera, snapped this puppy swarm.  They are funny, and endearing, and just So Cute.

I’d say more about what’s been going on with me, but I am quite tired and my head feels stuffed to the gills at the moment.  Maybe tomorrow, duckies.

Sir Peter, you know how to pique our interest . . . ;)

blogsirpeterFrom Sir Peter’s latest live blog entry at FB. Are those two penguins with a disco ball in that photo? Sir PJ isn’t saying . . .
Setting up our first shot.
9.15. Should be shooting soon. Two cameras, both with 16 mm lenses. Two huge wide shots of a fight happening on an enormous set that filling most of K Stage. This is going to be hard, posting pics without spoilers. I’ll do my best! We have video diary cameras here, so you will eventually see what we’re doing today in detail – but not until the Film 3 extended cut, which I guess will be towards the end of 2015!
We have a splinter unit also filming today, directed by Christian Rivers. … The day has a messy start, because the first couple of hours are going to be spent shooting stuff we were supposed to have finished yesterday. But because of the sheer complexity of the choreography, we worked late, and still didn’t finish.
The real problem is that we were supposed to be shooting in F Stage today, and splinter was to spend the day in K Stage. But we need a couple of hours in K to wrap up, and then we’re going to quickly shift to F, and carry on with our day. It’s forced the splinter unit to stay in A Stage shooting  green screen this morning, until we clear off K and let them in.
Too much detail! But this is the type of thing we’re always dealing with. I do have to get a Facebook filter quickly written, so Warner Bros doesn’t read that we didn’t get yesterday finished!
Hey, just spent so long writing this, we’ve just started shooting!!! Runs are on the board!
The photo: yes, we did actually just film this. Please don’t ask me to explain!  Let’s get that WB filter activated! Thank you Hannah and Dusty!
And from an earlier entry. PJ’s own kitty, Mr. Smudge, he waits to say goodbye to him each morning and greets him at the door each night.  You see, I KNEW I liked that hobbit-y, twinkly-eyed rumpled genius.
There should be some more interesting photos and info to come from Wellie . . .

What I’ve been up to: Furry Babies, Facebook, Facing Endless Rain & More


I am not dead or dreadfully ill, but I have been both busy ( writing my new column, volunteer duties for the Humane Society and working on a musical montage video for Pecan Ridge Productions. I love video editing but it is time-consuming work) and somewhat under the weather. And that’s true in more ways than one in regards to the latter. My FMS is flaring as the grey skies and gloomy, wet weather linger with us.  It is an unhappy combination.


Rain, rain, go away, come again some other day . . . like in about a month. I swear, this has got to be one of the soggiest summers in south Alabama I have ever experienced. It’s late July and we have often faced drought conditions by now, only likely to be alleviated by rains in hurricane season.

Not this year. This was our road this morning BEFORE the latest torrential downpour, which came less than two hours later:


The continued rains are causing headaches for our local farmers, forcing the cancellation of a lot of outdoor events, and making us all go a bit stir crazy, not to mention bringing on fears that a bad hurricane season could mean LOTS of trees toppling in the over-saturated soil, causing widespread damage and power outages (which we experienced with Hurricanes Opal and Ivan). Almost 5,000 Pioneer Electric Coop customers, including yours truly. lost power yesterday. We were among the lucky ones who had power restored within an hour; many did not get the lights back on until today.

Things are certainly still green here, what with all that precipitation. But I long for a bit more of the sun–even though I have to be so careful with my pale eyes and skin. I miss it this year!  So I have to edit it into some of my photos . . . though I have captured a few somewhat blue skies.  A touch of it here peeping through on the right . . .


But already turning grey in a photo taken earlier on the farmhouse’s brick front porch.  Definitely needed some sunshine enhancement here!


I am certain my canines wouldn’t mind a bit more sunshine and some dry days, either. We have gotten in a few walkies in between the showers in recent days–new pics!!


Rascal with his soulful caramel brown eyes.


That elegant and charming lady, Seabee.


Our sweet, exuberant, green-eyed puppy, Buddy.

I mentioned Facebook. It’s a good tool for me to promote our video production company–the last couple of events we’ve booked have stemmed from there–as well as a place to promote our humane society and the current pet photo contest for our calendar. I have had two generous donations made via PayPal here (thank you, thank you!) and several photos emailed or linked to me. Here’s one of them . . .  lovely Sammy as photographed by his proud owner, Sebastian, aka Gisborne’s Boy. 😀


Our deadline on entries is a week from today–July 31–so there’s still time, folks!!  Visit our Facebook Page and “Like”    https://www.facebook.com/BCALHS?ref=hl

And speaking of Facebook, I do find some fun stuff there~


Come on–who doesn’t love a smiling hedgehog???  And I find some wise words, too~these courtesy of Hayley Williams of Paramore . . .


And then there are images that just make you giggle like a kid. Which is very nice, too.


Benny returns to the doctor tomorrow for his follow-up. I can tell the antibiotics are taking a toll on him. He looks so tired every night, poor thing. Supposedly we will have two rain-free days Thursday and Friday. I guess I will believe that when I experience it.

Saturday, I am planning to attend this:

Courtesy of The Greenville Advocate

Courtesy of The Greenville Advocate


Methinks it will be fun. 😀   I plan to video it. If you haven’t visited our Pecan Ridge Productions FB Page yet, check it out at https://www.facebook.com/PecanRidgeProductions?ref=hl  I fear I’ve neglected it a bit of late, but girlfriend can only do so much multi-tasking, it seems.


Some actual Mr. Armitage is planned here for later, my darlings.

Oh, and I have a Facebook Page for him, too. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Richard-Armitage-Effect/204658943015664?ref=hl Go show it some love, too, if you will. 😀


OT: My Other Passion . . .


As you might have guessed, it’s for animals, particularly animals with no homes and no one to love and cherish them. Here in LA (Lower Alabama) we have all too many homeless cats and dogs and some folks who still need educating about the pet overpopulation situation. We are not a wealthy state. There are families and individuals who really want pets, who want to enjoy the friendship and companionship these wonderful animals can bring, but who also need assistance in getting medical needs taken care of in order to be able to afford that kitty or canine.


Our beautiful Seabee, the dog we took in with Jack *sniff* early this year.

Our Butler County Humane Society, which has members from not only our county, but several adjoining counties, works hard to make a positive difference in the lives of homeless (and endangered/abused) animals in our area. Some of the stories we’ve encountered are heartbreaking; thankfully, many do ultimately have a happy ending. 

Hundreds of animals each year are saved from being put down at the Greenville Animal Shelter, the city-operated pound, because of the no-kill “Second Chance” shelter we established just outside the city. My wonderful cousin-in-love Kandys, a long-time animal lover and owner of a pet nanny business, runs Second Chance with volunteers and faithful part-time employees, including a gentle giant named Tommy. 

Many of the animals that have gone to Second Chance have either been adopted locally or been transported to other states where they have found fur-ever homes.  No healthy animal, or animal with a condition that can be cured with treatment,  that comes through our doors is ever put down.  At times there are overflows and these animals are fostered at satellite locations around the county.  We also work with and provide transport to and from a clinic an hour away, Alabama Animal Alliance, which provides low-cost spay/neuter surgeries to citizens of our county (including yours truly) and we have performed a large number of Trap-Neuter-Returns with feral cats.


Buddy with Uncle Rascal. Can’t tell you how much these two add joy and laughter to our lives.

All this takes money.  We hold various fundraisers throughout the year, we have collection jars in area businesses, we seek out and obtain grants and send out donation letters to supporters. We took in more than $60,000 last year. That’s great. The problem is, we spent more than $80,000.

Our biggest expenses are medication and food and medical costs. We pay a portion of the costs for locally done no-cost and low-cost spay/neuter surgeries and for examinations of animals in cases of suspected abuse/neglect (thank you, Dr. Josh, for working with us). We are always looking for ways to cut expenses, but it must be without sacrificing care we provide for the animals.

One of our annual fundraisers is a pet calendar, for which we hold an pet photo contest through the month of July.

My question for you, my readers is this: would you be interested in submitting photo (s) of your own pets for our calendar? You do not have to be a resident of Butler County to participate–just an animal lover. And it doesn’t have to be a dog or cat. Horses, rabbits, hamsters, birds, lizards–all are welcome.

We just need good high-resolution images, black and white or color, with digital files preferred, along with a little information about pet and owner. There will also be a memorial page to honor those loved and lost.  I think we’ve usually charged $5 per calendar entry with the memorial page cost a little higher.

I am looking to set up the ability to order the calendars (which sell for $10 each) online and have them shipped to customers. Obviously there would be a postal fee. All of this has to be worked out and Susanna (our calendar chair) and I still have to discuss all the particulars and get some approval on things.

The calendars are beautifully done by an area printer and I think you would be pleased with the results. At least one of you out there has one of the 2013 calendars, I do believe. 😀

I am trying to get a feel for how many folks would be interested in supporting this so please let me know what you think. And thank you for all your recent support during the loss of our dearest Thumper Cat. It means so very much to both of us.


The serenity of the late, great Ginger, our “Mona Lisa” cat.

And I promise to get back with an Armitage-related post VERY soon. Thanks for listening!

And the third shoe drops.


Today my last living link, so to speak, to my daddy’s family passed away. My Uncle Dan, a bright and talented man who once worked with the Mercury Aerospace Program,  was Daddy’s baby brother. A skilled woodworker, he could whistle a happy tune more melodiously than any person I knew. Uncle Dan lived a very long and fruitful life; he will be much missed by those who knew him along with his widow, three children and extended family.  RIP, you lovely man.

With the passing of Thumper Cat, this makes two losses in my family over the last week. I sincerely hope my face-plant was the second of the “Things Come in Threes” pattern. I haven’t mentioned this before now, but our last remaining cat, Callie, hasn’t been doing very well, either. Fleas have been her foe in a terrible way this year–yes, even though she is an indoor cat, they’ve made their way in–and between the heat and those bugs, she simply hasn’t looked or behaved like herself of late.


A photo edit I did of me and Thumper a few months ago. BeFunky_Gouache_1callieprofileCallie Cat in better days. My photo edit.

Today, we received a new medicine for her, a flea pill which is supposed to kill fleas within 30 minutes. Happy to say it works really well (we’ve been using tape to pick up all the dead ones from the bed). I swear, she is already feeling better. She was napping and dreaming between us and she’s talking a lot again (Callie is normally a very chatty kitty).  She can take this pill once every 24 hours. We plan to give this to her for two or three days and then give her more of the topical treatment.

She’s getting the best food we can afford and lots of attention. Just can’t bear the thought of losing another family member at this point.  I know she’s not a person, but Callie is one of my furry children, and I can only take so much these days.

I will try to put together a post on my thoughts re the latest blog tomorrow. I haven’t been all that motivated, so I ended up watching TV with Benny tonight and old movies earlier. Another day in which I haven’t accomplished a lot.

Still, tomorrow is another day, right?

Bless you all.

Just had to share this with y’all.

This turned up on Facebook today–a posting originally made by one of the dog rescues our humane society works with to find families for homeless animals here in the county. This is my wonderful cousin by marriage to whom I have referred to in the past, and her equally wonderful assistant Tommy. And yes, they are definitely people who make a difference. God bless them!
**PEOPLE WHO MAKE A DIFFERENCE** I met Tommy when I was in Alabama. He helps Kandys with our dogs who are boarded at her facility. Tommy goes above and beyond f.or our homeless dogs (and cats). He puts in so many extra hours of overtime UNPAID! He does this because of his love for the dogs. He interacts with them which helps me write bios for petfinder. Tommy became particularly attached to this poor mangey american bulldog named, Petey. Petey was incredibly itchy. Tommy would take care of him. Although Tommy was sad to see Petey go into rescue, he still keeps in touch with his whereabouts. My favorite thing about Tommy is watching and listening to him interact with the dogs. He talks to them conversationally while he cleans their kennels. He’s just such a natural. People like Tommy are hard to come by, and we are so grateful for everything he does for the dogs.

Goodbye, Thumper Cat. You were one of a kind.



Another one of our furry family members has left us. Benny discovered our three-legged tuxedo cat Thumper had passed away tonight. She was between 11 and 12 years old.  I hope they were mostly happy years for her.

A good Samaritan found this little kitten in a parking lot one rainy day. She was soaking wet and ripped open from stem to stern after an altercation with a dog. In spite of her severe injuries, she was struggling to get back up. This kitten was a fighter.

The local vet wasn’t able to save her mangled leg but he tucked in the organs, sewed her up and gave her shots and meds, fearing she would not make it.

But she did. A friend of the good Samaritan  took her in after she did some healing and fostered the kitten until she could find a good home.

And that home was with us. Thumper was a very interesting cat. While she loved being rubbed, she hated being picked up and wasn’t what you would call an affectionate cat (she would frequently growl at me and try to bite me and loved to attack your toes under the covers). She was a loner who didn’t interact much with our other cats. I loved her so much, but sometimes it seemed she would never love me back in the same way.


Thumper was litter box trained, but she often found other places to “go”, much to our frustration. Sometimes she’d suddenly begin quivering from head to toe out of the blue. Was it some form of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?

Because of the trauma of her early life, we delayed having her spayed. Turns out we shouldn’t have, because it proved a turning point in our relationship. Suddenly she was hauling herself up on the bed to be with us by rappelling up the comforter. She’d voluntarily seek out our laps.

Later in her life, she became strange bedfellows with our diva cat Puddie. The two would often cuddle together and groom each other. We lost Puddie several months ago and saw yet another change in Thumper.

She began to behave much more like a, well, like a real CAT. As if she’d discovered her true identity. For the first time, it seemed to me Thumper Cat was largely happy. I enjoyed her so much and felt as if  we were bonding in a way that had never before happened.  Benny would walk into the bedroom and she’d immediately begin meowing at him, insisting he sit down. As soon as he did, she’d climb into his lap and purr as if there was no tomorrow. Benny would roll his eyes, but I could tell he really enjoyed it, too.

And now there are no more tomorrows for my funny, smart, strange, oddly endearing tuxedo cat. Thumper, I will miss you. You’ve had my heart for years, and I felt I finally won yours. Yet you will live on in the Land of the So Not Dead with Puddie and Guy, who will surely spoil you rotten (er).

Tonight, I am sad. I fell in the middle of the road walking back from the farmhouse tonight and banged myself up, abraded knee and elbow, busted lip, bloody nose, and it will all be worse in the morning. Maybe even a black eye or two.

But it will heal. What won’t ever completely heal is the loss of yet another family member, that eccentric one you never quite understand but loved deeply anyway.

Tonight, I am hoping my little Callie–my last remaining cat–will stay a while with me. Sure would ease the pain, of the body and of the heart.


Goodbye, Thumper Cat. I truly will not ever forget you.

More Thorin to love. Fedoralady is exhausted.



My three remaining dogs were gone for almost two days. Felt heartsick. Finally heard a familiar bark late this afternoon and saw Buddy and Rascal were back. No sign of Seabee, though, and needless to say, still no Jack. They both behaved in what I would call a subdued manner (Benny got home a little while ago and said they seemed “nervous.” I agree).

I hugged and hugged on those two after they showed up.  I am tired of losing those I love. Sick and tired.  So happy they showed up, but feeling after-effects of all the stressing out and still concerned about Seabee. Couldn’t keep my mind on things today; at least I did manage to get dishes loaded and run and to pick and freeze some blueberries and do a bit of cleaning.   We have our first wedding to shoot Saturday and I can’t find my telephoto lens for the still camera. Dreading the whole thing, which isn’t typically me.

Sorry to hear there was a horrible storm in NZ with most of the damage from high winds in Wellington. Sir Peter’s boat house was one of the casualties, I understand. Hoping no serious damage to the studios (and of course, none to our sexy hirsute dwarf and his company) . . . here, we got a break from the rain today, just warm and muggy, typical Lower Alabama weather.  I hope you are all doing well!


My GIF of the Wet n’ Wild Barrel Ride with Thorin and Company. Fili seems to be the only one having a great time!

She’s my sweetie: A gal named Seabee



This dog, who mysteriously appeared at our country home with her puppy one day, both of them underfed and ready to rely on the kindness of strangers, has completely won my heart.   Gentle, affectionate, lovely and loveable. That’s our Seabee.

She’s always been an attentive mother. I can only imagine what she’s been feeling in the week since Jack suddenly disappeared. You could chalk it up to my imagination, but I could swear I saw sadness and yearning in her eyes at times, and the question–“What happened to my boy?”

Oh, Seabee, I wish I knew.  All I can do is keep hoping and praying and doing my best to care for you, my beautiful canine companion. I ask you to bear with that boisterous cartoon dog Buddy and try to be patient. He looks up to you and his Uncle Rascal. And he has two wonderful role models in you–a true lady and gentleman of your species.