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Thorin Thursday: Badass Dwarf with Seriously Good Hair


I may very well be wide awake again in a few hours, but I think I am going to soon have to call it a night, ladies and gents. Going to go ahead and kick off Thorin Thursday for all you admirers of Mr. Oakenshield.  Less than two months until arrival of the world’s hottest dwarf in (hopefully) a theatre near you! The more I see of Thorin, the more I can’t wait to see more of Thorin–if you know what I mean. And I think you do . . .

Nothing like a shameless plug for one’s own fan video, but there you go.

And a GIF of a certain smug, smirking warrior dwarf with great hair. 😉

What would it be without at least one version of my favorite Thorin glamour shot??

It’s Thorin Thursday! Fanart & GIFs for YOU


It’s Thursday and time for some Thorin Oakenshield, “legendary warrior, strong, fearless fighter and respected leader of the Company” (I quote from the box my Little Thorin came in)! And some Mr. A workin’ hard (how often does he NOT?) to become Thorin, too.

The dwarf version of the Hokey Pokey.

Rich, are you sticking your tongue out at Graham? Naughty boy.



I’m liking wet Gary


But of course, I have always liked Richard’s characters on the damp side. Wet Ian, wet Lee, wet Guy, wet Lucas, wet Porter, and we’ll get wet Thorin (although that likely won’t be until the second film, alas). And now Black Sky offers us rain-drenched Gary. Happy happy, joy, joy. 

 Todd Garner released the photo on Twitter and Frenzy shared.  Thanks, Frenz and Todd. Mr. Garner, who knows an avid fanbase when he sees it, also answered Gratiana’s question about Richard’s character’s name. Some people don’t seem too thrilled with Gary, but hey–at least it ISN’T John.  Actually, it makes me think of the late, great film star Gary Cooper, another tall, blue-eyed hunk. And Coop frequently played cowboys, and Oklahoma is kinda sorta cowboy territory, so—

Hope that is a waterproof watch.

So, what are your thoughts on Wet Gary, Okie Teacher Dude?

Look out, baby . . .


OK, I know it’s not Thorin Thursday yet, but I am really in a Thorin mood at present. Having some new Thorin images with which to play probably helped.  It’s not December yet–but it’s getting closer!

Wet, Tousled Armitage


I have always loved these 2007 photos by Chris Floyd. I can truly say I find Richard Armitage gorgeous pretty much no matter what he does with his hair or his beard  or stubble or lack thereof.  But there’s something about the longish hair, wet and disheveled, that “bed-head” look, that “just stepped out of the shower and toweled my head a bit” I find really appealing.  Also those magnificent, luminous eyes shining through those damp tousled locks . . . and the lips parted ever so slightly, or curved into a slight and enigmatic smile.  The sexy, sexy man of mystery.  And great fun to play with . . . in terms of photo editing, of course. (Oh, love the white shirt, too.)

A strong man is . . .


A strong man is one who does not constantly have to prove how “macho” he is. He does what needs to be done. Sometimes that involves unpleasant things, hard things, painful things. A strong man is not afraid to be gentle and loving, to console someone who is fearful, to cry with a soul who is hurting. He can be just as tender as he is tough.  He has more than brawn; he has brains, a heart, a soul.

A strong man is not a hero because he is fearless; then he would be a fool. He is a hero because he faces those fears, acknowledges them and tackles that challenge.  He tries to do the right thing, even though he sometimes fails. He seeks to improve himself, to go from strength to strength,  to be the better man.

John Porter is a hero. So, in my book, is Richard Armitage.  Hurray for life’s heroes, real and fictional.


“Nothing But Trailers” & the Joys of Thorin


I have been watching Richard as Thorin regularly on my HD flat screen TV. Oh, he’s glorious! And if you have AXS on your cable or satellite, you, too, could be listening to those dulcet tones sing the Misty Mountain song and study those expressive eyes as he speaks to Gandalf about the dangers of the mission.

AXS (formally known as HD Net) has a program called Nothing But Trailers.  And it is, well, nothing but trailers of upcoming movies. And right now, right in the middle of the half-hour program, is the trailer for The Hobbit.

I discovered it by happy accident one day (serendipity?) while flicking through the channels, and kept my eye out from then on. It dawned on me the other day that I could record said trailer on my DVR.  Eureka!!

Bored with the volleyball on the Olympics (not my fav sport to watch)? I click on Thorin. Stormy weather knocks out satellite signal? Doesn’t affect the DVR recordings. Click on Thorin!  Much better than watching on my computer. Flare up from IBS? Worried about Puddie? Cheers me up to know I can click on Thorin. And in a few months, I will see him in glorious 3D on the big ol’ whoppin’ movie screen . . . and hear him in “stereophonic sound.”