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It’s Oakenshield Time!



Reminds me of the male reviewers and fans who have admitted to a “mancrush” on Thorin. Look, guys, resistance is futile.


I could use a new watch. But then I would always be looking at my watch–even when I had no deadlines to meet. People would wonder about the glazed look of utter bliss on my face. Might be worrying if the drool starts rolling down my chin . . .


I never tire of creating various incarnations of young Glamour Thorin. *sigh* Such a “don’t hate me because I’m beautiful” look.


Oh, those eyes and eyelashes in the firelight . . . the golden Dwarf.


An amused Thorin takes measure of the little burglar-to-be. He’s not impressed.


I want to play with that braid. And stroke his beard. And . . . oh, you know.

What I find myself wishing for . . .



This has been a favorite Christmas song of mine ever since I find heard it on the last Bing Crosby Christmas special in 1977, aired a short time after Bing passed away: “Little Drummer Boy” with counterpoint “Peace on Earth.”  Such an unlikely pairing–androgynous glam rocker David Bowie and old school crooner Ba-Ba-Ba-Bing–and it yet it worked so beautifully.  In the wake of recent events, I find myself wondering once again–“Peace on earth, can it be . . .”  It’s what I wish for us all in this holiday season. Peace, love, kindness, joy.





Sunday Smorgasbord: Santa’s on Board!


I don’t know that I will get much posted in the morning before leaving for Prattville, so let’s get into some holiday feasting tonight. I’ll share our experiences watching The Hobbit with you later tomorrow. Have a wonderful Sunday/Monday, everyone!



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A winter warm-up: ’tis the season to thud


I know from Twitter that it’s down right frosty where a lot of you live. We are actually having mild weather here in LA (Lower Alabama). Even so, I am not opposed to doing some warming up via these fellows below. In fact, they might make us all work up a sweat . . .


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It’s Guyday Friday already somewhere, right?


I am hoping to get to sleep well before 2 or 3 a.m. Of course, this could very well mean I will be awake again at 2 or 3 a.m. It’s all a crapshot, frankly. But the humidity has shot up, the heat index is still 87 a few minutes after 10 and Weather Body says, “Please be gentle.” And so, ladies and gents, I offer you some Guyday Friday goodness a little early.  I am off to take a nice tepid shower.

What time is it, gang?


Richard’s appearance at Comic-Con is only a few hours away now *squee* But he’s already been sighted on posters, vlog footage and in life-sized statues as that amazing warrior dwarf, Thorin Oakenshield.  What time is it, gang? Oakenshield Time, of course.

Bet Thorin watches would sell like hotcakes. I’d constantly be checking the time.

A mermaid on San Diego Bay has something lovely to look at . . .

How about a walk on the beach with a Thorin parasol?

A Thorin tee-shirt, anyone?

It’s a beautiful day at the beach with Thorin.