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Guyday Friday: Where it’s Always Hot


I have a whale of a headache due to all those weather sirens sounding this morning and crying over that darned Puddie Cat, so I’ve got a date with pain medication and a cold compress. It is now Guyday Friday here, however, and I felt with all this Thorinmania of late I had better go ahead and get a post up for the occasion.  Guy has some things he wants to say, too, but that’s just going to have to wait until tomorrow–or should I say, later today.

Beachy thoughts–and Thorin


Orange Beach, Alabama

Tonight I have been thinking of the beach. I’d love to be there right now, except NOT right now. That is, not in the summer’s heat and humidity, feeling as if a wet blanket has been tossed over my head. Not with the crowds and crush and noise of summer.

No, what I would like is to somehow time travel a bit and be down at lovely Orange Beach during the spring or later in the fall. To be there when the temperature is on the milder side and there’s a wonderful light, cooling breeze often sweeping in from the Gulf.

I’d like to be able to take a late walk on the beach, when the sun is beginning to set and send vivid streaks of color across the wide sky.

 I’d squish my bare toes in the wet sugar-white sand as the tide rolls in and listen to the gentle rush of the surf, and look for shells, and enjoy the peace and serenity of it all.

I can’t experience that first-hand right now, I can only imagine it. But I can send Thorin there . . . sort of.  Although he’d likely be more comfy in a pair of jams and flip-flops than his typical attire. 😉  I do think he could use some of my Wonder Waves spray for great beachy hair.  😀

Sir Guy considers costumes for Comic-Con (yeah, he’s going)


Sir Guy is contemplating certain costumes and disguises he might don when he joins me at Comic-Con. See what you think . . .


And Richard complained about his medieval mullet!

I’d like to take a ride on a magic carpet with this Aladdin.

All hail the conquering hero. Veni, vidi, vici, Sir Guy style.

Dame Edna Gisborne, anyone?

 We might see him in black leather once again.

Of course, he’ll be asking if they’ve been naughty little girls and reward them.