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Oh, those alpha males . . .


Thorin for Thursday . . . now HE’S a bit jealous of this affable Oklahoma school teacher with no name who seems to be stealing his thunder.  Bad enough I have to deal with stroppy Guy. *sigh*  Gee, these alpha males . . . they need to learn from the CReAtor and take a chill pill.


Sunny Saturday with Harry & Gerri


As I have said before, who in the world doesn’t love Harry Kennedy? There’s pure sunshine in that smile. He’s sweet, he’s a cutie pie (I’d want to pinch those cheeks just as Trudy did!) and he’s downright adorable, this clever accountant who loves a good read and knows a good woman when he sees her. 

Harry is cuddly and sexy wrapped up in one tall, lanky, floppy-haired, jumper-clad ChaRActer. And he and Gerri make one lovely and lovable couple. So, Dawn French wanted someone gorgeous for the role? I think Richard Armitage was surely made to order for the part.  And VoD and Harry offer us that rarity in RA’s career–a happy ending for his ChaRActer.

Checkin’ In with Random Acts of Pretty


More than 10,000 words done now of the latest novel revision. I was on a writing roll and I didn’t want to stop. Those of you who write know what I’m tawkin’ ’bout.  I had a couple of days that just weren’t very productive, so I am trying to make up for it. Judging by how discombobulated I was last night concerning what day of the week it was, I decided less multi-tasking might be in order. No Tweeting and very little blog visiting, just an attempt to catch up with comments here.

Thanks, everyone, for the kind words and thoughts for our Puddie.

She scared us a bit during the night, but she’s still with us, hanging out in her favorite spot in the kitchen and speaking up when we check in on her. I think Callie is a little jealous, so she’s been clinging to me today. Gotta make sure all the babies feel loved.

Now, here’s some pretty for you to enjoy. See ya!

So–is it December yet?


Well, unless you’re an RA fan who has been living under a rock somewhere, you surely know the two will become three–as in the two Hobbit movies will now become a trilogy, with the third installment due out the summer of 2014.  Additional shooting is planned for next summer.

We don’t yet know what this  means in terms of Thorin–how much of the character we will get in each installment, whether or not more of his backstory will be explored, et al. Right now, however, I’d just like to see more of him. On the big screen and in 3D.  *sigh*

So, tell me–is it December yet?





It’s Guyday Friday already somewhere, right?


I am hoping to get to sleep well before 2 or 3 a.m. Of course, this could very well mean I will be awake again at 2 or 3 a.m. It’s all a crapshot, frankly. But the humidity has shot up, the heat index is still 87 a few minutes after 10 and Weather Body says, “Please be gentle.” And so, ladies and gents, I offer you some Guyday Friday goodness a little early.  I am off to take a nice tepid shower.

In the interest of equal time . . .


A certain bad-ass hottie knight  that we know and love is feeling just a wee bit left out, what with a certain bad-ass hottie warrior dwarf getting lots of attention.  Not that we didn’t have a day devoted to said hottie knight on Friday, but—-you know how it is. And he IS pretty hot.



An American artist & a British actor . . .

N.C. Wyeth in his studio with a cowboy model

N.C. Wyeth in his studio with a cowboy model (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: "One more step, Mr. Hands,"...

N.C. Wyeth: Book cover for The White Company

N.C. Wyeth: Book cover for The White Company (Photo credit: deflam)

Playing with images of RA (and specifically Guy) as a pirate reminded me of the wonderful pictures created by artist/illustrator N.C. Wyeth. An American artist who worked in the first half of the 20th century, Wyeth illustrated many, many classic tales from British and American literature–stories with brave knights, fair ladies, fierce dragons, bloodthirsty pirates and great ships with billowing sails–and chronicled the American West of yesteryear.

 Wyeth’s son, Andrew and his grandson, Jamie, carried on the artistic heritage passed down to them.   I don’t know if Richard is familiar with Wyeth’s work, but I can imagine him pouring over the artist’s vivid and detailed illustrations with pleasure as he read a favorite adventure tale . . .

I can imagine a young Richard Armitage daydreaming about the great adventures in the story books he loved–including that of a brave warrior dwarf . . .