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Guyday Friday: Naughty Guy GIF


Good grief, but my naughty knee is killing me tonight! It’s been a bear for two days now. Grrrrrrr. Speaking of naughty in a much more pleasurable context, it’s time to kick off Guyday Friday.

Now, Guy has an amazing way of doing things that look really . . . naughty. Heck, he can just slink by like a big black-leather clad cat and set off the naughty alarms.  Doesn’t even have to smirk. Sex on legs, our Sir Guy.

And then here he goes, dipping the head back to expose that gorgeous swan-like neck,  briefly closing his kohl-rimmed bedroom eyes, parting those luscious lips, blowing out a breath and . . . well.  There you go . . . with tongue!  Enjoy . . .

A little romance courtesy of John & Margaret


Just some pretty images of Mr. Thornton & Margaret for Sunday (or late Saturday, depending on where you are, my international posse).  I’m not feeling my best–cranky knee, dermatitis flared up, bit of tummy trouble–so don’t know that I will be posting a lot tomorrow.  We’ll see. Hoping to get some more writing done and finish re-reading The Hobbit. Happy Sunday to everyone!

What time is it, gang?


Richard’s appearance at Comic-Con is only a few hours away now *squee* But he’s already been sighted on posters, vlog footage and in life-sized statues as that amazing warrior dwarf, Thorin Oakenshield.  What time is it, gang? Oakenshield Time, of course.

Bet Thorin watches would sell like hotcakes. I’d constantly be checking the time.

A mermaid on San Diego Bay has something lovely to look at . . .

How about a walk on the beach with a Thorin parasol?

A Thorin tee-shirt, anyone?

It’s a beautiful day at the beach with Thorin.



Depending on where in the world you live–and this is a pretty international bunch–it’s morning, noon, afternoon, or perhaps the middle of the night.  Here in LA, aka Lower Alabama, it’s mid-morning on Sunday and could be classified as brunch time, which could mean a nice vegetable quiche or a hashbrown casserole, or flaky buttermilk biscuits with spicy patty sausage or country ham . . .

Map of USA with Alabama highlighted

Map of USA with Alabama highlighted (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Yep, I live in the lower half of that pretty red state you see on this map, right between Mississippi and Georgia, bordered by Tennessee and Florida.

 Life being short, I subscribe to the “eat dessert first” ethos ( which is all too obvious from my excessive amount of padding). So enjoy some tangy lemon pie with sweet, light-as-air meringue that melts in your mouth, a cup of coffee (sugar and cream for me) and some Thorin. Because he looks pretty darned tasty, too.