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RA: Definitely Svelte: TAE Word for the Day


Svelte: (adjective): (1) Slender, especially gracefully slender in figure. (2) Suave; blandly urbane.

Looking at recent photos of Mr. Armitage, in prime form and minus all the padding provided by his Thorin gear, one can only describe him as svelte. He’s slender, but not skinny; he know from the reports of those who got hugged by him on the Black Sky set he’s “solid” beneath his clothes. 

And graceful? Ah, the man is absolute poetry in motion. The dancer’s poise is always evident.

Suave, particularly in terms of a man, means charming, confident and elegant. Remind you of anyone?

I can’t say I think of the dear fellow as “bland,” but urbane (“courteous and refined in manner”)? Oh, yes. Every bit of it.

And didn’t he look and act the part of the suave, elegant, courteous gentleman at the Wellington premiere? Ladies and gentlemen, I rest my case. Richard Armitage is definitely one swell and svelte guy.