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The Hot Velvet Henchman & his CReAtor: always ‘amazing!’


“Hmmm, seems Thorin 6277 on tumblr says Richard is ‘amazing’ in the Pinter/Proust reading tonight . . .”

Ladywriter murmured aloud as she browsed through the latest email alerts from RA blogs to which she subscribed. She gave an inner sigh, feeling more than a little wistful, imagining herself sitting in the audience of the NYC theater . . . seeing RA, reportedly all in black, clean-shaven and still longer-haired.  Yummy. And wearing an eye patch at one point.  Sounds positively rakish . . .

A loud sniff broke her little reverie. “Of course, many have said the same thing about me.”

LW looked up into the well-stubbled visage of her favorite So Not Dead Dark Knight, his noble brow slightly furrowed.


“Yes, Sir Guy, and so you are. Amazing. And still my favorite ChaRActer . . .” She smiled and held out her hand. “And while the dear CReAtor is far away in the Big Apple, you, my Hot Velvet Henchman, are right here.”

He smiled that dark angel’s smile and LW felt her toes curling with pleasure.

“And I shall always be here with you, my lady,” Sir Guy rumbled in his deep, delectable baritone, before taking Ladywriter’s hand in his own and kissing it.


Richard Armitage and his awesome array of ChaRActers: always AMAZING. And just maybe, one day, LW will get to know what it’s like to be in the presence of the CReAtor himself.  Until then, she can dream. And hang with the handsome hottie from Nottie. 😉  RA, as always, so proud of you! 😀