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Check out pages from our calendar! Make a date to help homeless pets.


Me-owy Christmas and a Dog-Gone Happy New Year to you all!  Several of you out there in the RA fandom supported our Butler County Humane Society and its 2014 Pet Calendar with your generous donations and your pet photo entries. I only recently purchased my own copy and tonight I downloaded some photos I took of some of the pages, which I want to share with you. Sorry I didn’t manage to do this sooner!


Nadia, your copy will be heading towards Belgium next week. If you look closely, you will see pet photos submitted by Perry, Alyssa, Sebastian and Heike along with yours truly featured on pages from the calendar. In fact, almost everyone has more than one photo of their precious canines or felines found within.



Here’s some info on our wonderful Second Chance Rescue run by my cousin by marriage, Kandys. Kandys and her helpers, foster parents and rescue volunteers do a phenomenal job helping make a difference in the lives of animals in our rural county.



Now, I am not shy about asking for help for our organization. We do a lot of good, but it takes funds, more than we are currently taking in, to do it. Donations of all sizes are most welcome. And if you’d like to order a calendar of your own or would like to send one (or two or three!) to a friend or family member as a gift for the New Year, they are just $10 each. Postage is as follows:

Domestic postage for calendars
1~ $2.12
2~ $3.12
3~ $5.80

Overseas postage for calendars
1~ $7.15
2~ $9.50

Payments can be made through the donation button here at the site. Indicate the donation is for “pet calendar.” We can also accept checks from here in the U.S. made out to “BCHS” and mailed to Butler County Humane Society, P.O. Bx 264, Greenville, AL 36037.

I’d like to point out that Richard Armitage (in the guise of Plush Thorin) even made it into this calendar . . . and I should also point out Thumper is a “she” and not a “he.” But she’s across the rainbow bridge now, so she doesn’t mind.


Catnap, anyone??


My kitties had no trouble taking a nap this afternoon. Not that they have much trouble taking naps any old time.  Right now I’ve got Callie between the laptop and my chest. Hope she’s more comfy than I am. 😉  You will notice a couple of characters decided to snooze with them . . . on the unfolded laundry on bed. Well, a little cat hair hasn’t killed me yet!







So are the Days of our Felines’ Lives . . .



Like sands through the litter box–er, hour glass–so are the days of our kitty cats’ lives.*
It’s not all sleeping, eating and answering the call of Mother Nature for our girls.
Now there appears to be a sort of love triangle that has sprung up between Thumper Cat, Little Thorin and the newest arrival, Plush Thorin. I dearly hope it shall not come to blows—but it is feeling a tad soap opera-ish chez fedoralady.

*There is a long-running American daytime soap opera called “Days of Our Lives” that we used to watch during summer vacation and other school breaks. Each episode began with a voice-over solemnly intoning, “Like sands through the hourglass, so–are the days of our lives . . .”


Good things come in small packages.



I am entranced with my Plush Thorin. He’s the perfect size to clutch to my heart. His blazing blue eyes and angry brows get me every time. I love his fuzzy hair. No braids to wind around my finger, but it’s delightful to ruffle with my fingers. I imagine a very, very young Thorin whose hair has not grown to its luxuriant lengths quite yet (I guess his beard got ahead of it. 😉 ) His nose also has a ways to go before it reaches its adult magnificence.

I am so glad Plush Thorin finally made it safely across the big pond to me this week.

(And I realized two things after looking at these photos: (1) I really need to touch up my roots again and (2) I mustn’t get carried away with the bronzer beneath the cheekbones LOL Trying to combat wan winter complexion. Ooh, and I need a haircut!)