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He doesn’t need improvement. *sigh*


When I look at Richard, this is what I see,

poetry in motion . . . poetry in motion, walkin’ by my side

(I wish!)

His lovely locomotion, keeps my eyes open wide (what a dish!)

Poetry in motion, see that sexy sway

A wave out on the ocean, could never move that way  . . .

I love every movement, and there’s nothing I would change

He doesn’t need improvement, he’s much too nice to re-arrange . . .

(my take on Johnny Tillotson‘s “Poetry in Motion“)




Eurhythmic Armitage: TAE Word for the Day


I ran across this in both my new book of superlatives and my Dictionary.com Word of the Day and it seems quite perfect for our RA.

eurhythmic:(adjective) (1) characterized by a pleasing rhythm; harmoniously ordered or proportioned. (2) of or pertaining to eurhythmics.

There is certainly a “pleasing rhythm” to the way Richard Armitage moves, whether it’s as dancer or actor or simply “civilian” striding purposefully across a room.  Poetry in motion, I like to call the man. And poetry in stillness.

This post calls for a glimpse of musical theatre Armitage vintage 1994.

As far as I am concerned, this beautifully knit-together man is also “harmoniously ordered or proportioned,” perfect in his imperfections, a princely beauty, heir to Adonis.  Eurhythmic Armitage, indeed.