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Poll #3: Which type of project would want to see RA do next?


Alrighty, we’ve asked which male and female co-stars you’d like to see RA act with on stage or screen (big or small) . . . now let’s think about what sort of production you’d most like to see him in next (talking about new projects, not “Into the Storm” . . .)


This time you get TWO choices, and feel free to elaborate in the comment section.  Remember, this all just for fun and to share our dreams and wishes for our fella.  I know we all want first and foremost for HIM to be happy and fulfilled in his career. 😀

Poll #2: Which Female Co-Star (s) Would You Like to See RA Play Opposite?


OK, in our last post we asked you to choose from a list of potential male co-stars for RA. Now let’s give the ladies their moment to shine. Again, these are not in any certain order and are not necessarily my own personal choices.  Tried for a mixture of ages and “types.”

These are NOT necessarily “romantic pairings”–actress could play his mom, boss, sibling, work partner, etc., someone with whom he could share some great acting moments. And please feel free to add your own choice (s) and to comment. CHOOSE UP TO THREE! Thanks.

Poll: Which (male) co-stars would you most like to see RA perform opposite?


Haven’t done a poll in a while, and I’ve noticed a bit of buzz on FB discussing various actors fans would like to see teamed (and re-teamed in some cases) with Richard in future film/television/stage projects.

These are in no particular order and do not necessarily reflect my own choices, either. Also felt I had to cut it off at a certain number to keep it manageable. Just a mix of UK/American/Aussie actors of varying ages and types. Please feel free to add your own choices not found here and to comment.

If there’s anyone you’d absolutely NOT want to see him act with, please share. Don’t worry, we will get to female co-stars in another post. 😀


Who’s your baddie?: Poll


We all know Richard Armitage enjoys playing baddies. Of course, I don’t even consider my first and favorite RA ChaRActer, Sir Guy of Gisborne, to be truly bad–just misunderstood.

Excluding the Sultan of Smoulder, who is your favorite amoral/immoral bad boy  ChaRActer? Tell us why.  Is it someone not listed here? If so, who?

Poll: What would you most like to see RA improve his skills/techniques?


As we anticipate Richard’s career and the greater number of opportunities that most likely await him in the wake of The Hobbit, we have all discussed what’s next. We’ve talked about the sorts of roles we’d like to see RA appear in, movies versus television shows, remakes of favorites from the past, potential co-stars and so forth.

Now, for most of us here, Richard is one of the best–if not the best overall–actors we’ve ever experienced.  But (in spite of certain evidence to the contrary–those elfin ears, anyone?) he is only human, after all, and within Richard there is room for improvement and growth as an actor. He has always strived to move “from strength to strength” and I don’t think that will change. So, here is a poll over some possible areas in which we might say RA has room for improvement.  Perhaps you have another suggestion; perhaps you think “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” BTW, the choices are based on comments I have heard at various times and do not necessarily coincide with the views of the management.