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ICYMI: At long last, the Popcorn Taxi interview!



Meri daring to stroke The MAN”S beard during their brief encounter on the Mornings Show in Sydney.

I was working on the Kindergarten vid in the wee hours and that somehow segue wayed into making a simple (but sexy!!) little RA vid, which I may get uploaded later. In the meantime, I see this video finally showed up. In case you missed it, take a gander at the Popcorn Taxi interview some of our own got to enjoy IN PERSON. 😀 Not to mention beard stroking and book signings earlier . . .

Time for lunch and a little nap. Later, y’all.

Get it while it’s hot: A Taste of Popcorn (Taxi Q &A vid)


This is a snippet by Endorwitch from the Q&A with Richard in Sydney. You may have already seen it. Not sure if it will be up long. But until an official video arrives, you might want to take a gander if you haven’t already. Damn, that man looks fine. And sounds just swell. And . . . *sigh* *thud* *melts into puddle*