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A sigh of relief. At last.



I am smiling because I am happy. Tired and aching, yet happy. We had  good night tonight. Several sales before the show, and another flurry of them afterwards.  Sold three-quarters of the DVDs we took with us tonight and have several more who plan to buy tomorrow night or Saturday. This is good!

The show went well, there was a large crowd on hand to cheer them on, and I know I made one of the featured singers and her mom very happy with a few kind words on facebook. Hey, I calls ’em as I sees ’em. 😉 And knowing that made ME feel good. By the way, she gave another fabulous performance.  Go Christina!


I saw some folks I hadn’t seen in a long time and got some compliments on the hair (which is now displaying Benny’s handiwork with the new champagne blonde tones).  We had to grab bread and milk at Wal-Mart after the event.  Benny scored us one of their premade Italian sandwiches, which we shared on the way home, with just enough left over for a doggie treat. 😀

Harry, Benny and I all breathed a big sigh of relief after it was over. Our best event yet so far. Two more nights of POTR to go. Looks like we may be shooting a dance recital next month, and we already have a kindergarten graduation lined up and will do a complete high school graduation package–Honors Program, Class Night, Baccalaureate and Graduation. The merry month of May will be a busy one for us.

Relief. Yeah, that’s how I feel. I shouldn’t worry so much, but I am afraid I do. *sigh*

I promise I will make time for some Guy tomorrow. It’s pushing 1 a.m. now here . . . hope all is well with you.