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The Gentlemanly Giant: Thoughts on the Japan Press Conference


I had somewhat better luck tonight. Although as usual  (given our slower connection) there was some  buffering with the livestreaming, I was actually able to see and hear some of RA during the press conference in Japan, and the picture quality was beautiful. So was Richard Armitage, in every sense of the word.

Richard, looking retro rock n' roll cool, shares crinkles and answers questions for the press in Japan.

Richard, looking retro rock n’ roll cool, shares crinkles and answers questions for the press in Japan.

I know from Twitter that he didn’t get asked many questions, although when he did they were answered thoughtfully and intelligently in that deep chocolate voice we love. As always, he was attentive and responsive to what his fellow Hobbit folks were saying.

And it was what others had to say about him that really caught my attention tonight.

Peter Jackson saidthat if Martin as Bilbo was its heart, then Richard as Thorin was the soul of the movie. That this quiet actor is one that absolutely holds your attention on the screen.

Martin Freeman was very gracious in his comments about Richard, describing him as an extraordinary human being.

Richard was lauded for his positive qualities above and beyond that amazing talent of his: his quiet determination, his sweet nature, his decency, his stoical work ethic.

I don’t think it’s just us who love and admire Richard Crispin Armitage. As someone said on Twitter, he’s the man women want and men want to be like.

I don’t think our modest guy quite knew what to do with all that praise. But we all know he deserved every last drop of it, and more.

At the end of the conference, the group posed for photos. As usual, Richard, that dazzling smile in place, towered over the rest–Martin, Sir Peter, Andy and Elijah.

But then, he’s a giant of a man anywhere he goes. A giant of a gentleman, a talent. A giant of an extraordinary human being.

Richard, I am so very, very proud of you.

ETA: The link below will take you to the press conference in five parts. Thank you, RAC!



Screencaps courtesy of Twitter and Sinjoor.

Screencaps courtesy of Twitter and Sinjoor.