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Wind-blown RA in leather . . . *sigh*


A very lucky Hobbit fan attended the Armageddon Expo with many of the TH actors and then got to meet RA outside Stone Street Studios and pose for pix today!  Here’s the link to her photo album with all the pics on FB:


I cropped and blow up the image slightly, resolution not the greatest but it beats that recent newspaper pic, right? Can we all agree that is definitely Richard Armitage? Yeah, baby.


Did you women say you want RA in black leather?


Well, Guyday Friday is already here in some parts of the world—so . . . for your viewing pleasure (and Sir Guy just loves pleasuring you) here’s six feet two (and a half?!) inches of smokin’ hot black leather-clad testosterone. You’re welcome.

Here I am, wenches, in all my smirking,smouldering glory.

Marian . . . you know I look a damn sight better in these leathers than Forest Boy ever could.

The undisputed winner.

Click on GIF if Sir Guy is not strutting down the corridor to you . . .

Again, click if you can’t see the Divine Derriere in motion.