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Dancing Armitage: ‘All Arms & Legs,’ Yet Poetry in Motion


Crystal Chandlyre put together this special video highlighting Richard dancing in rehearsals for “Cats” back in 1994-95.  You get to see the same dance sequence from two different vantage points and both in and out of costume with Crystal giving some cues as to when and where to look for RA.

Of course, as she says, once you’ve spotted him, you somehow don’t miss him again (even with the less-than-perfect quality of old video footage).

I love watching him dance. That tall, lean, muscular frame, the former gangly teen transformed into a graceful swan–a big man who never somehow takes up too much space. I know he grew dissatisfied with his career as a dancer and choreographer in musical theatre for various reasons, but as I have said before, it wasn’t from any lack of talent, surely.

And musical theatre’s loss was definitely our gain as admirers of a versatile, expressive, nuanced actor.

His dance training and experience shine through in so many of his acting performances, from Lucas’s cat-like stealth to Porter’s balletic grace with a weapon to Thorin’s amazing spins in combat–Armitage the dancer still captures our attention and commands our admiration and respect.

What a bundle of talent that man is. Bravo!!  And thank you, Crystal, for putting this together.

Eurhythmic Armitage: TAE Word for the Day


I ran across this in both my new book of superlatives and my Dictionary.com Word of the Day and it seems quite perfect for our RA.

eurhythmic:(adjective) (1) characterized by a pleasing rhythm; harmoniously ordered or proportioned. (2) of or pertaining to eurhythmics.

There is certainly a “pleasing rhythm” to the way Richard Armitage moves, whether it’s as dancer or actor or simply “civilian” striding purposefully across a room.  Poetry in motion, I like to call the man. And poetry in stillness.

This post calls for a glimpse of musical theatre Armitage vintage 1994.

As far as I am concerned, this beautifully knit-together man is also “harmoniously ordered or proportioned,” perfect in his imperfections, a princely beauty, heir to Adonis.  Eurhythmic Armitage, indeed.