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Thinking of Armitage yum to come this week



Don’t you just want to run your fingers through that lovely hair springing up so temptingly? Richard at the BAFTAs, courtesy of RANet

Oh, RA, you lovely man, we will be seeing and hearing and hearing from you in the next couple of days. What a treat!  It’s been feeling a bit drought-like again in RA Land (if not in RL–more wild winds and rain hitting us here) and the news there was no official date yet for Black Sky’s release didn’t help any. *sigh*

And now to know you’ve stepped up to the plate as did your  castmates and are going to answer fan-generated Tweets tomorrow! To be followed by an interview with the ebullient Lorraine Kelly on Thursday!  Happy, happy, joy, joy.  I know this sort of thing may not be your favorite part of the job, but we so appreciate it, we really do. You are the best!

(Now, if only you will answer one of my questions during the Twitter Q & A. And if only Lorraine can contain her enthusiasm for our “beautiful man” and let you share some wonderful news with us . . . instead of just sitting there gently laughing and looking absolutely divine, I am sure. And what will you be wearing??)