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I dream of Richie on my DVR . . .


Some critter chewed on the cables going to the satellite receiver for the TV I normally watch so I had nothing yesterday but the DVR stuff to view on it. Scrolling back through the hundreds of shows I have recorded on there, I ran across the interview RA did on the TODAY show with Hoda and Kathie Lee back in December. Had to watch it again a couple of times. After all, it’s not often I get to actually watch RA on my television screen when it’s not via a DVD.

People in the UK and other parts of Europe have no idea how jealous I am that his various shows and guest appearances are aired pretty regularly on television across the pond. I have only been able to see him in “Robin Hood” and on premium channels in “Captain America” on my TV (our public television has never aired his years in “Spooks,” his ep of “George Gently” or other productions in which he’s appeared, at least not since he’s been on my personal radar).  Sure, I have these shows on DVD. But how cool to simply be flipping through the channels and hey presto! There’s Mr. Armitage!


And my gosh, but didn’t he look good that morning?? So youthful, handsome and–yummy. That hoodie and leather jacket combo worked so well on him. *sigh* Richard talked about his vivid imagination being one of the things that led him to want to become an actor. Well, he certainly inspires my own vivid imagination. In the most interesting of ways . . .  *cough*

Anyhoo, I confess there are times when I do wish he’d procure a meaty role in a television production–an American one–and appear on my television screen each week for eight, or ten or 13 weeks in a row. I would set my DVR to record said production and then re-watch to my heart’s content. *sigh* I know I am purely being selfish here. I just miss anticipating my weekly shot of new RA–and to be able to watch in a timely manner without taking certain, uhm, questionable steps to do so would be truly nice.

Of course, we don’t know what lies ahead for RA in terms of future roles–be it big screen or small or the stage again.  And it’s still six months before we see him as the world’s most majestic dwarf . . .  *sigh*

Truth is, I will take him any way I can get him So to speak. . .