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More edits of the Wellie Wonder. :D




Gosh, he just looks like such a darned sweet guy.




BeFunky_1016252_600568113308335_1083841176_nMc_or_mac on twitter.jpg

OK, slept from 5:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. and have been awake since then. Starting to pine for more sleep . . . maybe I will dream of some nattily dressed tall, dark and toothsome dude with a majestic beard and dazzling smile.¬† ūüėÄ

RA wows ’em at Q&A: More Details to Come!


The ladies were too enthralled to really tweet during the session and who can blame them? They do say it was a¬†“magnificent” event and Meri reports that RA remembered them from this morning.

Well, shoot, you fondled the man’s beard, Meri, of course he remembers you! ūüėČ

Meri and Lady Oakenshield scored front row seats for the Q&A, too. I think this WAS their lucky day! Before the Q&A, the audience were treated to an exclusive behind-the-scenes video, tweeted RichKitsch.

RichKitsch¬†also¬†tweeted¬†a goodly number of people left after the Q&A. Miss another opportunity to see Thorin in the big screen? Just silly, if you ask me.¬† Make it an entire evening of RA/ThorinLove.¬† *sigh* Can’t wait to hear all the details! Thanks to all who have already shared photos and bits and bobs with us.

Courtesy of RACentral

Courtesy of RACentral

Courtesy of Bechep

Courtesy of Bechep

Here are a few photos which have been posted. Looking good, Mr. A. Freakin’ good, in fact, Mr. Armitage.

courtesy of Miss Gigglepants via tumblr

courtesy of Miss Gigglepants via tumblr


Courtesy of Miss Gigglepants via Tumblr

courtesy of RACentral

courtesy of RACentral

More of my favorite looks courtesy of Ilaria & RA



Who knew a cardi could be so darned sexy on a guy? Apparently Ilaria did. Thank you, sweetie!



Oh, how we love him in black leather, don’t we, ladies? And those black kicks are just great. The combo of the leather with that lovely, cuddly-looking shawl collar sweater is irresistible for me.


Loved this look, too.  The plaid and sweater vest beneath the blazer-traditional but NOT stuffy, casual yet classic. He looks comfortable and confident and indeed, every inch the winner that he is.


In his black leather jacket, hoodie and jeans, he looked young, vigorous and delicious. Another winning combination!


Ah, the cardi again under a dark grey blazer. Love this color combination on him. Blues and greys work so well with his complexion.  Again, Ilaria, thank you so much for helping our man look and feel his very best. Kudos!

Sweet, Sexy Man in Black Leather


This is from a shot of The Hobbit cast members posing together after (?) the Apple Store interview in London. I cropped it down and used photo editing to take out an unnecessary¬†shoulder and played a bit more. This is one of my favorite of the casual outfits Richard wore–love that sweater style under the now ubiquitous black leather jacket–and doesn’t he look handsome and relaxed? As if he’s enjoying the ride. A lovely man.


And of course the candid of him arriving after that long, long flight in Wellington before TH premiere. How can he look so good? It can’t just be due to first class seating, can it?


There were problems with a water leak down the road from us (on what used to be part of the family farm, now owned by a timber company) and our own water got shut off. Been wrangling around to get it cut back on. Waiting for the Quint-Mar folks to show up now.  *sigh*

Hot in the City: Richard Armitage



Yes, yes, I know–Richard is not from New York City, but a lovely lad from Leicester and,¬†later, London. But he is basing himself part-time in the Big Apple these days and¬†he’s done several photo shoots there. And there there’s the fact¬†this song just stuck in my little old LA head. ‘Cause I really like the way he walks and talks and wears his big city¬†clothes . . . and oh, those looks he can give us! ūüėČ And he’s quite the urbane cosmopolitan gent these days . . . wouldn’t you agree? ūüôā









New Fanart: RA in a New York groove



While I really like this pose, I¬†didn’t love the red background used for the¬†photo shoot¬†this was part of–I love red,¬†but certain shades seem¬†to drain Richard’s coloring, making him look tired in some of the photos. However, when I converted the color to sepia with red as an accent color, I liked it a lot better.




One of my favorite casual outfits, the black hoodie under the black leather jacket.

Fanart of RA in Japan: Looks like he’s having fun.



We are discussing how much Richard seemed to enjoy¬†all the enthusiasm and excitement of the¬†Tokyo red carpet and I mentioned the charming¬†photo above. Thought I would assemble some fanart¬†(all save one completed yesterday)¬†from the Japan leg of the tour. Enjoy Electric Blue RA! ūüėČ





It was a dReAm of a day, really.


I started off this morning with a dream about Richard Armitage. I kept floating in and out of consciousness. My conscious mind kept telling my unconscious mind to take over again because, quite frankly, ¬†I didn’t want the dream to end. Richard was wearing his Glamour UK photo spread outfit. He never took off a single piece of clothing but it was an incredibly. sexy. dream.¬† Oh, Richard–you do know how to stir a woman.

Literally, my dream man this morning.

Literally, my dream man this morning.

I’d had a night¬†where pain mimicking an unhappy gall bladder kept me awake longer than I’d hoped (couldn’t have been the gall bladder since I¬†haven’t possessed one for¬†years¬†and¬†the pain¬†was on the wrong side of the body anyway). Let’s say that¬†dream was very, very welcome.

And it was just the beginning of welcome events. I opened up my e-mail and discovered my dear friend Leigh was going to get to see The Hobbit in English after all!¬† A couple of days ago it appeared as if it just wasn’t going to happen. Now it seems she and Noemi will see Thorin in all his big screen glory in lovely Sevilla next week.¬† Happy, happy, joy, joy indeed!

And then before you know it ( I had slept in rather late) I was tuning in to the live stream from the red¬† green carpet in London. And it was working. OK, the picture quality wasn’t great, but the lack of stutters and almost non-existent buffering was simply heavenly for me. I was seeing and hearing what fellow RA aficionados on Twitter were with no delays or missing pieces. Hurray!

Of course, I was simply dying to see our Richard . . . and he was drop-dead gorgeous, too.  I loved his latest designer threads, an impeccably tailored tux with a shawl collar, crisp white pleated shirt and nice, big bow tie (as the latest incarnation of Doctor Who will tell you, bow ties are cool).


Judiang loved it so much she named the tux Francois. I simply call it devastating. Mr. Movie Star.

We got a nice interview with some new tidbits–a little longer than some of the other actors got, I do believe–with the emcee Alex Dane. And we discovered RA had a dream last night, too, although his was all about getting lost and not being able to find the premiere venue. Bless his heart.

Well, you did find it, RA, and this night was all true. You may not be a great warrior or noble dwarf, but you are an incredible actor, lovely man and undeniably a movie star, my dear.

A98HzxlCAAIDyK4.jpg largedd

And then Richard stood in that long, long line of folks who got to shake hands and chat with royalty–Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge.

As with everyone else, I longed to know just what the Handsome Prince of Players and the Handsome Prince talked about.


I was so proud of Richard in that moment I could not resist shedding a few tears. It didn’t help matters any when I realized that sweet-looking white-haired lady standing behind him bore a striking resemblance to Richard. Yup, it would appear his mum was there for that unforgettable moment.

I thought of my mother’s own beautiful silver-white locks, and how I enjoyed taking her to special events with me. Of how proud she was of my accomplishments, which were chicken feed compared to Richard’s. And so I cried some more–tears of remembrance, of¬†joy and gratitude for Richard and his family and this celebratory occasion. I’m just a big ol’ sentimental fool.


Set created by Morrighan's Muse

Set created by Morrighan’s Muse

Visit http://richardarmitagecentral.co.uk to get a link to a video of RA meeting Prince William, Duke of Cambridge.

What an amazing two weeks you’ve had, my dear Richard. You’ve globe-trotted around this world, done umpteen interviews, been asked some of the same questions just a little too often, yet always managed to remain patient, modest,¬†good-humoured and gentlemanly about it all.¬† And how could you look so fresh at times on what had to be insufficient sleep? And when you’ve shown us your flirtatious side–oh, mercy me!!

You’ve dazzled us with your designer duds, you clotheshorse, you. You’ve worn the clothes, they haven’t worn you, and you were polished, confident, elegant and yet edgy. We couldn’t look away. But then, why would we want to?

Oh, yes, Mr. A, more and more people are taking notice, taking an interest in you. There’s a good reason my viewing numbers shot up more than 45 percent, why your rank at IMDB keeps rising; the world is finally waking up to the gem that is Richard Armitage.

I know your family has to be immensely proud of you. I know I am.

Oh, and one more thing–I also won four IMAX tickets via Twitter and Air New Zealand today¬†and the vouchers don’t expire until Dec. 31, 2013.¬† So it really has been a great day for this RA fan. I hope yours has been, too.

(And Richard, if you’d like to revisit my dreams tonight, please, be my guest.)

RA Sunday SmoRgAsbord: Rich is a treasure


653433316sza(These are gleamed from Richard’s recent photo shoots, candids and various interviews and appearances tied to The Hobbit.¬† Sources include Richard Armitage Net, RA Central and the Russian RA site.)

Oh, Richard, what a lovely fellow you are. Looking so sharp in your new outfits–wearing them instead of them wearing you, as Servetus might say–looking polished and confident, exuding good humor and that thoughtfulness that never fails to impress me. You seem to grow more handsome by the day, and yet remain that modest and humble boy-next-door sort we all adore so much.

I would say you are a right old treasure, my dear Richard.






The Hottie in the Hood(ie)


I can’t believe how much I have fallen for a hoodie. Because frankly, I’ve been associating hoodies with Hoodie aka Forestboy aka Robin, who was clearly NOT my personal hero in RH. Far from it.

And yet, when Richard Armitage showed up earlier this week¬†on TODAY with Hoda and Kathie Lee in a black hoodie/leather jacket ensemble, I was practically salivating yet again. He looked so young, hip–and dead sexy. The all-black ensemble brought back memories of Lucas and Sir Guy. I never mind those kinds of memories.





And I don’t object at all to the fact they did a photo shoot of him in the same outfit. Nope, not at all.


Revisiting that Glamour RA


How can I find watching a man roll up his sleeves or ties his shoelashes¬†over and over again so– fascinating? Because it’s Richard Armitage, of course. Enjoy these gifs¬†is4spunk¬†reblogged¬†from chibihobbit¬†on tumblr.


And if you missed the first ones in an earlier post or just want to revisit *thud* here they are!



Hmmmmmm, look at that profile, ladies and gents. Sublime.


And the above will take you to the original iPad interview.


Want to share a cab, Mr. A?


I just had to share this one again. Yep. It still rocks my world. A lot.

Mr. Armitage, you’re so much fun to play with



Your images, that is, of course. I never seem to tire of it, and what a bonanza you’ve given us of late!







Glamour Armitage: The Hottest Guy on Earth (Period)


The UK edition of one of my old favs, Glamour Magazine, has an interview with our lovely fellow in their January 2013 issue, including some delicious photos shot in NYC. And¬†there’s also an iPad interview and a short video for those subscribers possessing said gadget.

This photo just rocks my world.

I love the composition of it. The triangle of his body replicated by the triangular pose of that long, lean leg, the muscular thigh and calf fully evident and testing the seams of his trousers. Once again, those bared forearms revealing that lovely arm hair I always want to stroke.  The beauty of that hand. Please, somebody sculpt this man.  The face, well illuminated, that slight furrow between his brows, the parted lips, the keen look of concentration in those blue eyes. Please, somebody paint this man.


And I like the outfit, too. Mr. A, love you in vests (waistcoats). You are indeed the hottest man, not just in Middle-Earth, but the planet. The universe!
Here’s a link to Mr. Armitage in action from that iPad edition: http://dessine–moi-un-mouton.tumblr.com/post/37407300554/richard-armitage-for-glamour-uk-ipad-edition-part¬†These are mesmerizing. Who knew watching a man adjust his coat as he walks could be so fascinating?

Our ever-helpful Ali at RANet also offers links on the home page to scans of the print edition article and photos in their gallery:


Here’s a taste of what you’ll find~




Oh, you will likely recognise references to two rock stars of the RA fandom in the Glamour article. I have certainly enjoyed their wonderful work. ūüėÄ

One last round of Movie Star RA for Today



Some images of Richard from Thursday night’s NY premiere of The Hobbit.¬† He was sporting a three-piece blue-grey¬†and taupe¬†plaid¬†suit with a crisp¬†white shirt and sapphire blue tie. The colors really brought out the blue in those gorgeous eyes. He looked the very proper and handsome English gent.¬†I saw a touch of Cary Grant again.

Unfortunately, there was no live streaming and if it weren’t for the fans and some of the blogsites¬†there tweeting updates, we’d have been in the dark concerning the evening. ¬†Several RA fans¬†who had braved hours in the cold were rewarded when they¬†got some autographs (and a few got pix). Alas, they were rushing the celebs along and they didn’t have much time to interact with the fans.

Those who did get to see/meet him sound pretty starry-eyed! Judging by these photos, it’s so easy to understand exactly why. And I have already re-blogged Frenz’s post featuring the brief video footage she shot of our gorgeous guy, so be certain you check it out.

Apparently the rest of the dwarves were all friendly and personable. I just wish they’d been given a–I don’t know–showier reception.¬† It was, as Janine said, an unexpected letdown after all the excitement of Wellington and Japan. Apparently, there wasn’t even a red carpet and Franny described the entrance to the theatre as looking like an alley way . . . oh, well. I am certain London will make up for it.

The cast is supposed to be interviewed by Ann Curry on the TODAY show Friday morning. I’ve got the DVR set up to record. I enjoyed Ann’s interview with Sir Peter on Rock Center¬†Thursday night.¬†One or two¬†behind-the-scenes glimpses of RA were also seen. I have to say I love PJ more than ever! What a delightful man. I am so glad Richard had the opportunity to work with a director of his caliber. They make a great team!