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Mr. Vincent & I see eye to eye.


 But even with McKellen and the other returning cast members of Lord of the Rings, in the end it’s Richard Armitage as Thorin Oakenshield who steals the film. Here again Jackson knows where to butter his bread — Armitage is simply wonderful as the grim dwarven king trying to do the impossible. Armitage shoulders most of the load — in the end it’s his movie — and that’s a good thing.

Quote by John Vincent at Airlock Alpha blog site from his review of “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.” Bold type is my own.   Read the entire review here:  http://www.airlockalpha.com/node/9484/the-hobbit-an-unexpected-journey.html

I saw this quote at Richard Armitage Net and of course, it delighted me. I suspected others would see Richard as THE star of the film–after all, as PJ himself said, you can’t take your eyes away from RA when he’s up there on the screen. Seeing more praise heaped upon this modest-and-oh-so-deserving man’s broad shoulders just makes me wear the biggest, silliest ol’ grin.

And it’s good when it comes from someone I assume was not an RA fan (at least, not until he saw this movie) and someone who doesn’t see Sir Peter as a sort of infallible genius.  Vincent was candid in his thoughts about The Return of the King and The Lovely Bones. Somehow, that makes his words of praise for the film, and particularly for Richard, mean more to me.

I am so glad Sir Peter’s latest effort exceeded his expectations–and that this new face in the Jackson fantasy universe totally wowed him.

I'd say he's in the center of this composite pic for a very good reason--he is the soul of the film.

I’d say he’s in the center of this composite pic for a very good reason–he is the soul of the film.