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Be it Richard or Thorin–goodness gracious, it’s ALL good.


I came in after another night of rehearsal for our mystery theatre, simultaneously tired and wound up. I’d been away from the computer and internet since the early hours on Monday, so there were lots of goodies to peruse when I finally got around to it. FB had a lot, much of it from Pinterest and Tumblr, it seems. All the edits are my own.

I didn’t get the Extended Edition digital download–slow connection and limited space weighed in against it–but I must confess I do enjoy the images thus far captured and shared hither and yon.  And I have to have a little fun with it, too. 😉




Seriously, I love the behind-the-scenes glimpses of our ever-attentive and focused actor at work and those rare moments when RA’s glorious grin shines through the Thorin guise and makes my heart do a curious flip-flop. I delight in the masculine beauty personified by Richard Armitage.



Oh, dear. The nape curls. The downcast lashes. The beard.  The desire to tease those soft little curls with tips of my fingers and lay my cheek against his beard . . . *whimpering just a little*


Oh, sweet mother . . . the THIGHS.  Not to mention the biceps. And shoulders. And just general . . . yumminess.


Oh, what a handsome dwarf prince he is . . .


Oh, and this image below~~~our Richard presumably studying his lines between takes . . . *sigh* Wanted to give it the feel of an old photograph.


Tonight I am watching the film on HBO and reveling in the beauty he also brings to the complex and conflicted character of this mighty dwarf warrior. And there’s more of it to come in December . . .







The highlights on my lowlights & CURLS (you-know-who’s)


So this morning I got my rear in gear (in spite of too little sleep) and got myself up, spackled and dressed and hit the farmers market for some more fresh, juicy tomatoes. I also scored a small jar of homemade blackberry jelly. A girl needs her little treats.

And then on to get my hair “did” along with a little waxing and plucking. Kristi added lowlights to give my color more dimension and flat-ironed it. Here are the results.




I have a flat iron–a very nice one–but with my shoulder issues due to the FMS I hardly ever use it. So you won’t see me like this very often. I think Benny really prefers my “big” hair, but he was nice enough not to say so. He did, however, point out my hair seemed to be “expanding back out” tonight. I laughed and said you can’t keep those wavy/curly hair shafts down for TOO long. Not in the current heat and humidity.


Somehow, somewhere between the hair salon and the car dealership I managed to twist Even Worse Knee and it bugged me the rest of the day, but a bit of RICE–Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation– helped quite a lot. once I got home.  I spent considerable time at the dealership working once again on the Star Wars Day video–I could tweak my creative projects until the bloody cows come home–but I finally got a version I was more or less satisfied with and left it uploading to YT with Benny so I could come home and hang out with the ice bag. I’d plan to do several other things but only managed a trip to CVS to spend yet more ExtraBucks before they expired. Not that I’ve ever wasted any by forgetting all about them. Not this girl. *snort*


Thought you might like to see me sporting the “new” vintage hats purchased from my friend and former co-worker Sherry who now has her own vintage and collectibles shop.



Oh, I DO love a good hat. I guess I can wear the white hat when I feel like a good girl–and the black one when I am feeling just a bit BAD. 😉


Nape curls and waves make me feel naughty. *sigh*



Love to you all. I shall try to catch up with your comments tomorrow. Lots more rain expected, so I will be staying home and staying inside, I suspect. 😉

A little Armitage poem. ;)



My edit of a photo taken by Craig Simcox/Fairfax NZ.

Oh, Mr. Armitage, I am LOVING those waves and curls! I’ve told you I adore my own husband’s naturally wavy hair and how it curls at the nape of the neck when there is any length to it, right? So cute and adorable and fun to run my fingers through. *sigh*

So, my dear fellow, I find this look abso-freakin’-lutely irresistible.

From your ever-more-gooey ardent admirer,