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Merry Christmas from “the catwalk”: RA, so sexy it hurts!


Just in time for the holidays, the nice people over at Muvee Reveal  Technologies got the grinches out of their system and allowed me to upload the Retro video style pack to this computer (thank you so much, Patrick Bello, for your able assistance. I hope Santa was good to you). And then my Christmas angel allowed me to not only make a vid, but to upload it from home without a single hitch! So here’s another little Christmas treat for RA fans. It’s very tongue-in-cheek fun featuring our reluctant sex symbol himself. I hope you enjoy!

WARNING: This “Catwalk” styling does feature flashing lights, stars and other effects that may bother some people


Lovin’ that Retro, Rockin’ Richard!


Tonight I watched Richard in the livestream from the Japanese press conference. And once again, I loved his outfit. That Gucci cloth-and-leather varsity jacket, the grey tee, the jeans and the return of the black kicks along with a clean-shaven face had him looking hip, young and ready for the sock hop, indeed.  The looks may be a blast from the past, but he doesn’t look anything like an old fogey.

At the ARIAs, he was rockin’ the waxed jeans, black jacket and heavy stubble (and the kicks! Some dislike them, but they suit me just fine). The looks are retro, they are classic, and yet very fresh and stylish, too.  He really seems comfortable in his own skin and his new clothes and this fan thinks he’s definitely got the LOOK.

BeFunky_Screen Shot ssmalt2012-12-01 at 1_41_49 PM




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