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“Playing to people’s fantasies of who THEY think you are . . .” STAGED. My first impressions



Yes, my DVD arrived. Mr. Dennison has kindly give us several repeats of his short black & white film on this DVD so we don’t have to keep rewinding. I have now seen it at least five times and here it comes again.

Here is young Richard–pre-“Sparkhouse,” pre-“Cold Feet” and “North & South,” all the way back to the late 90s, the promise of his current gob-smacking beauty in that face, this big, rangy man who nonetheless moves with such agility.

And he’s good. The promise of the talent that will shine in future roles is there, too. Within the 15 minutes, we see anger, humiliation,  humor, wistfulness, predatory lust, tenderness . . . much of the emotion expressed in his face and body language.

RA plays an actor, Darryl Newman, who was on top before suffering the humiliation of his wife Lisa’s affair and films that bomb at the box office.  Now, battling confidence and trust issues, he’s trying to make a comeback with a stage performance alongside Lisa in London.  But it’s a bumpy ride.  (Please forgive the quality of these screencaps. They are literally photos I took of the TV screen with my trusty Olympus.)


Darryl  recalls when the work stopped being fun as he found himself caught up in “playing to people’s fantasies of who THEY think you are . . .”  That line struck me because I thought of how RA has often said it’s the characters women are attracted to, not old boring Richard himself. And I wonder if doubts have plagued him from time to time–does this woman like me for me, or is it Thornton, or Guy, or Porter, et al she really wants?



Darryl and Lisa about to engage in some anger sex. The poor actress has to wrestle with a half-naked Richard on top of her on the sofa. Tough job, but I suppose someone has to do it.


Now for technical issues. Having some problems with sound. I have to run my air conditioner and even with the volume cranked up to full blast on my flat screen, still having trouble hearing some of the dialogue. I can’t seem to play it on the PC using Window Media and I never got around to installing VLC on this laptop (add to list of things to do) so I am a little frustrated in that department. After all, who wants to miss out on Mr. A’s gorgeous honeyed baritone?  Also helps if you can hear all the dialogue. 😉

I do like the black and white photography, as I have always been a fan of films and still photos in B&W. Depending on the lighting (and the scene), Richard’s features sometimes look a bit hard and “mean” and in other instances, boyish and sweet. But then, we are accustomed to that with our chameleon, aren’t we?

That being said–on a more shallow note–I am enjoying seeing shirtless RA with his broad shoulders and tempting chest. The smattering of chest hair–and suggestion of hair—down below? *gulp* Those strong arms in action. The familiar moles on his back.  I love those moles. *sigh*


And the eyelashes, Oh my. Those lashes . . .



Will be interested to hear what other people think.

Hey! What’s that watermark doing THERE? And other thoughts.



NOT that I would ever remove watermarks from photos *cough* but I didn’t attempt to remove these from Sipa.com taken of Richard exiting the BBC March 7. I have to say I do love the expression on his face above: amused, wry, a bit weary . . .

And these had me pondering the placement of the watermarks. Purely a coincidence?  Probably.  But that didn’t stop me, of course. Warning: This could possibly fall under the “Stripping Mr. Armitage of His Dignity” category.



More from FAULT. Or, it’s all your FAULT again, Mr. A.






Thank you, RA Central, and makingupgamesoffun at Tumblr for this RA FAULTY goodness. Oh, the eyelashes. That nose. The stubble. The biceps. The forearms and hands and . . . A song comes to mind. “I want to kiss you all over, and over again  . . .”

Glamour Armitage: The Hottest Guy on Earth (Period)


The UK edition of one of my old favs, Glamour Magazine, has an interview with our lovely fellow in their January 2013 issue, including some delicious photos shot in NYC. And there’s also an iPad interview and a short video for those subscribers possessing said gadget.

This photo just rocks my world.

I love the composition of it. The triangle of his body replicated by the triangular pose of that long, lean leg, the muscular thigh and calf fully evident and testing the seams of his trousers. Once again, those bared forearms revealing that lovely arm hair I always want to stroke.  The beauty of that hand. Please, somebody sculpt this man.  The face, well illuminated, that slight furrow between his brows, the parted lips, the keen look of concentration in those blue eyes. Please, somebody paint this man.


And I like the outfit, too. Mr. A, love you in vests (waistcoats). You are indeed the hottest man, not just in Middle-Earth, but the planet. The universe!
Here’s a link to Mr. Armitage in action from that iPad edition: http://dessine–moi-un-mouton.tumblr.com/post/37407300554/richard-armitage-for-glamour-uk-ipad-edition-part These are mesmerizing. Who knew watching a man adjust his coat as he walks could be so fascinating?

Our ever-helpful Ali at RANet also offers links on the home page to scans of the print edition article and photos in their gallery:


Here’s a taste of what you’ll find~




Oh, you will likely recognise references to two rock stars of the RA fandom in the Glamour article. I have certainly enjoyed their wonderful work. 😀

Did you women say you want RA in black leather?


Well, Guyday Friday is already here in some parts of the world—so . . . for your viewing pleasure (and Sir Guy just loves pleasuring you) here’s six feet two (and a half?!) inches of smokin’ hot black leather-clad testosterone. You’re welcome.

Here I am, wenches, in all my smirking,smouldering glory.

Marian . . . you know I look a damn sight better in these leathers than Forest Boy ever could.

The undisputed winner.

Click on GIF if Sir Guy is not strutting down the corridor to you . . .

Again, click if you can’t see the Divine Derriere in motion.



I ran this the other day in the “Lucas!” post.

It’s based on a cropped screencap from the “Lucas punches up Russian baddie Robinov in the pool” ep. I  love those amazing masculine curves. In RA’s case not a contradiction. That gorgeous man definitely has BACK.

So here’s what I am planning to do: using a karaoke soundtrack for Sir Mix-a-Lot‘s hit Baby’s Got Back, I am going to rewrite the lyrics to celebrate the divine derriere of the most talented, gorgeous and delightful actor I happen to know of. And then I am going to record it. That will be the audio track for my Richie’s Got Back video.  This part I can handle with the able technical assistance of my husband, who thinks I am a fruitcake but is all the same tickled to see me broadening my creative horizons.

The second part of this project? The visuals. This is where you, my readers, can help. If you have a particular favorite rearview or a screencap showing Mr. Armitage in action that showcases his erm—lush mounds, please share. If you have a link you want to share, that’s great!

If you want to send me link or pic via email, that’s fine, too. These can be images of RA in characters and as himself.

Obviously, this one is going to take more time than my usual side-show vid, but if all goes well, I would like to have it up for Christmas–a sort of pressie for you all.  So if you can get back to me with your favorite RA bodacious bootie photos before the end of November, it would be so grand.

Thanks in advance for your help–I think this is going to be lots of fun! I am feeling quite cheeky of late, ladies. 😉

What’s your favorite RA rearview? (Major Video Project Ahead!)