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Richard Armitage, bad-tempered and moody (but not really). Delightful vid!


It’s Thorin Thursday and this compilation of clips from Richard’s various red carpet appearances and interviews for The Hobbit should fit right in. It tends to disprove Richard’s claims of being such a moody, mean, dour fellow. Lots of great moments here guaranteed to make you chuckle, giggle and grin a lot! Enjoy.

Maybe you do need a break from ‘slightly dour’ my dearest RA.


I am sure you’ve probably all seen this by now, but here is another online interview promoting the Hobbit DVD release, this one courtesy of Christa Ktorides at DIY.

(What an apt place for our Thinking Woman’s Greek God-like DIY Geek to appear, don’t you think?)


Now, some have interpreted Richard’s comments about being the slightly dour one who doesn’t get a punch line to mean he doesn’t understand the punch line–as in Richard Armitage doesn’t get the joke. That he is being the typically diffident, self-effacing gent we all know and love, the one who “can’t do impressions” and is “not a bad singer.”  (To which I say, “Poppycock!”)

My interpretation is that RA doesn’t usually play characters who get to crack jokes. He’s often the brooding, angsty, conflicted hero or anti-hero types, and, let’s face it,  they typically don’t get a lot of funny lines. They aren’t the proverbial life of the party.




And yet there were moments of levity, times in Robin Hood, for example, when I thought he was absolutely hysterical in his own way. Look at some of his facial expressions and body language when reacting to the Treacherous Troll’s antics. RA’s no “slip on the banana peel” slapstick kind of actor. He’s not fated to do stand-up comedy, I am certain.  But he’s definitely got a sense of humor and of mischief. “Love in an Elevator” and “Master and Servant,” indeed!


One of my favorite RH S3 moments: Guy realizing Vasey is still alive–followed by a little “hi there!” wave and singularly insincere smile.

How about some of the moments he shared with Ewan Bremner in Strike Back? Definitely funny.


In VoD he’s more or less the charming, cheeky straight man to Dawn, but it’s certainly proof he can handle lighter stuff just fine, too.  He can *cough* charm the pants right off you.


We’ve got two more installments of TH trilogy, which promise to be much darker than the first film. More conflict, More angst and brooding. And you do it all so beautifully, so compellingly.

And yet–maybe, dear Richard, you do need a break of sorts.

Something, as you have mentioned,  without all the action and violence, with less of a dark edge (as good as you are at all the angst, brooding and “simmering dignity”).  Something well-written and witty–that goes without saying–that combines comedy and drama, and a talented co-star with whom you have great chemistry.  Just for a change of pace and a break from all the sturm und drang.  Surely that would be good for your own mental well-being, yes?

And it might help your fan base out, too. Our poor besotted hearts can only take so much . . . *sniff* Show of hands of those who want to re-write the ending of The Hobbit? I know, I know–but a girl can dream.

Random Thoughts on RA Today With Pix, Video


Just some pix and interview moments I’ve particularly enjoyed in recent days. Richard, you never fail to impress and delight me on so many levels.

This is Ilaria's favorite outfit she styled for RA re interview outfits. I like it a lot, too!

This is Ilaria’s favorite outfit she styled for RA re interview outfits. I like it alot, too!

A9-hg-4CIAAYpRc.jpg largeRichard and Cate look so good together, don’t they? Those two really need to make a movie together. I mean, one in which they actually share some scenes. Hmmmm, he does look good with a blonde. Unless she’s Sarah Caulfield. (Sorry, GOR . . .)

A98UD4ZCUAEiSAG.jpgdd large

It’s like he walked out of the past and into the present, channeling all that old-time movie star allure. Yummmmm.

This is a really light-hearted, downright cheeky interview with Hobbit cast members, including Richard. Love how she catches him off-guard and the laughter that ensues. 😉 Who’s your hottie dwarf with the biggest sword, baby??

Nothing like a somewhat serious interview (and thank you, George, for giving RA the chance to show off his intelligence and insight) being rounded out with Richard covering his eyes to avoid seeing himself half-naked in a fanvid and then wrestling the host to the floor. LOVE it.

That's a winning stride.

That’s a winning stride.

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