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The Beautiful One Makes My Head Birl: The TAE Word (and vid!!) of the Day


Birl: (verb) (1) to spin or cause to rotate; (2) Chiefly in Northern US lumbering–to cause a floating log to rotate rapidly by treading upon it; (3) British–to rotate or move rapidly. Informal–to spend money freely. Informal–to gamble.

(noun) British informal–to attempt; to gamble.

I saw this Word of the Day in my inbox this week and when I saw the word “spin” and looked at images of Mr. Armitage, I could only think of how the man makes my poor head spin. Or should I say, my head positively birls. Or at least it feel likes it is!

When I consider the amount of dosh I have splashed out on various Thorin/Hobbit-related items, I also feel as if I’ve done some birling there, too. Mon Dieu!

So this weekend I made another fanvid, set to the instrumental “Right Round” to celebrate the delightful dizziness Mr. Armitage brings on in our heads (and hearts). Enjoy the whirl of the birl!


Ho, ho, ho, RA brings the Sexy to Santa . . .

Yum. Santa Thorin is in the house.

Yum. Santa Thorin is in the house.

I, however, have no doubts he would be a sensation.

I, however, have no doubts he would be a sensation.


Wet, tousled-haired Santa with that come-hither look. Me likee.


Of course, Glamour Guy always makes a stunning Santa!

Thanks to pho.to for the sketch Santas and pizap for the other sexy Santa fanart. ‘Tis the season to be stirred! And for friends Down Under for whom it is already Christmas Eve, hope Santa RA brings you all your Christmas wishes.  Mmmmwwhhhaaaaaa.

Armitage (and Sir Guy) do not leave one algid: TAE Word for the Day


Algid: (adjective) cold; chilly.   A late Renaissance term,  algid is derived from the term algidus, meaning “cold.”

It’s downright cold across much of the US right now and, I suspect, lots of other places. Even here where our winters can be quite mild, a northerly wind is battering against the house in gusts and it’s certainly beginning to feel a lot like Christmas. Which is just fine with me.

After all, whenever I want to ward off the algid weather, I have only to look to Mr. Armitage and his various ChaRActers to warm me up nicely.

And who better than our man of the day, Sir Guy? Happy Guyday Friday and don’t get too algid!





More from FAULT. Or, it’s all your FAULT again, Mr. A.






Thank you, RA Central, and makingupgamesoffun at Tumblr for this RA FAULTY goodness. Oh, the eyelashes. That nose. The stubble. The biceps. The forearms and hands and . . . A song comes to mind. “I want to kiss you all over, and over again  . . .”